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May 2013 | HCL Technologies

2013-05-30 06:33
Gamification: Engaging People Effectively in a Corporate Set up

To play games is an inherent nature of human beings. The inquisitiveness we possess enables us to explore and master challenges stretching our mental and physical abilities. Playing virtual games is no different. The “Nine Rasas” as mentioned in Hindu philosophy, which are the essence of emotion, get triggered when we play...

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2013-05-24 03:41
Email Typos - The Textual Catastrophes

In my last blog, I discussed how we can effectively communicate with our prospective and existing customers, which has a rosy impact on our business.

As I am writing this blog while leaning on my couch, I am pondering how much we have progressed over the years in leaps and bounds as far as technology is concerned. Frankly speaking, technology has taken us such a long way that we can now clearly see things which were vague to us before, and hear things which were beyond our...

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2013-05-21 18:12
Bringing Retail Stores up to Speed

Is your retail store up to speed?

We put forth this question to our customers, and most of them answered in negative. While commenting on the lack of modernization of the retail stores, the CIO of a well-known global retailing firm said, 'While our customers, and our other channels like e-Commerce have moved to 2013, our retail stores are still not much different from the stores of 1970s.”...

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2013-05-14 18:44
Someone Remind Me!

Getting stuff from a grocery shop while returning home doesn’t seem to be a hard job, at least in theory. In reality, however, there’s a major hurdle that prevents us from completing this simple task – our memory. Such tasks are often forgotten amidst our busy lives, and most of us use notepads (paper/phone/tablet) or other such tools to prevent these tasks from leaking out of our volatile memory. Technology has now made it a lot easier and cooler to help you remember your grocery purchases are pending.

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2013-05-09 02:37
Apache Flex: Making Adobe’s Dream Come True

I’m personally very excited about the recent release of Flex version 4.9.0, and that it has become a top-level project (TLP) at Apache. There is much speculation and many arguments, and I will share some of my thoughts with you on the subject.

The past

Flex, born in 2002, started its life as the oldest framework around for enterprise web application...

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2013-05-02 12:37
Impact of Healthcare Reforms on managing FWA

US Health Care is going through a major upheaval with the passage of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as Health Care reforms. PPACA includes several reforms like guaranteed health insurance, increased MLR limits, setting up of Health Insurance Exchanges, adoption of ICD-10 standards etc. These reforms will lead health plans to look for new initiatives and solutions to...

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2013-05-02 03:51
Remote Working: Yes or No?
An insight into trends and prevalent practices of Remote Working


Today, the connotation that “work” brings to mind is very different from what it used to be two decades ago. Nowadays, “going to work” means less about being at a particular location, filling timesheets, and more about getting things done irrespective of where you are. According to Forrester’s US Telecommuting Forecast[1], 34 million Americans work from...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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