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July 2013 | HCL Technologies

2013-07-29 19:20

About 10 years ago I was contemplating ‘getting off the road’. You know, actually being home every night, not spending countless hours of my life on planes, trains, and automobiles. I was lucky enough to receive a very attractive offer from a major financial institution, an offer that meant I could increase my remuneration and be home for dinner each night.

It probably shouldn’t have been a difficult decision. My wife was very much in favor of the proposed move. I guess at that point she...

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2013-07-29 12:00
Visual Design Matters

Graphical User Interface (GUI) appeal matters a lot, and when it drives users though the process, it is marvelous. Some people categorize graphic designing as a quick and easy job. From my point of view, to maintain quality, work time is required -- time to gain a better understanding of the product. In the early stages, if we don’t give our valuable effort to the product, it could all be a waste.  Rushing to any judgment can be a mistake for the product. Quality is the key in visual design.

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2013-07-26 11:29
The Case against “Best in Class”

How business process standardization can undermine business performance

If you are a regular at industry conferences, you’ve probably had your fill of business practitioners, consultants, and ERP or other packaged software vendors who extol the virtue of standardizing business processes — usually by adopting “best in class” processes supposedly embedded in market-leading ERP or...

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2013-07-17 11:27

In 2005, India amended the intellectual property rights (IPR) law and emerged as a global destination for clinical trials.  The Government of India upgraded Schedule Y of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India, which is equivalent to the Code of Federal regulations applicable to the FDA. Today, India is a global hub for clinical trials, drawing companies because of its ethnically...

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2013-07-16 17:12
Ad Targeting in the Hyper-Connected World

Ad Targeting in the Hyper-Connected World
Targeted advertising aims to deliver focused messages to consumers based on their known demographic, behavioral or geographical attributes. What is known about the audience determines which ads they get to see. So the more we know about the audience, the better results we can get in this game. Today’s hyper-connected world has opened flood gates of information regarding the consumers and therefore, achieving better targeting, brand engagement and...

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2013-07-11 12:14

Do you know risk involved in buying medicine form fake online pharmacies? FDA investigated and came out with a program “FDA BeSafeRx – Know Your Online Pharmacy”. This is a national campaign to educate consumers about the dangers of buying medicine from fake online pharmacies and help people safely buy medicine online. Sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the campaign seeks to educate consumers and health care professionals about the health risks of buying prescription medicine through fake...

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2013-07-11 11:11

This blog is co-authored by Aneesh Gupta, (EMEA Innovations Lead) and Daniel Tuitt, (Innovation Consultant)

The internet has opened up access to data and information like never before. As a consumer, it is not only possible, but typically quite easy, to find nearly any information you are seeking. Why, then, is it so much more difficult for businesses to easily access important information? Data is critical to the success of any organization, yet companies prioritize data security over the...

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2013-07-09 16:56
Modeling Techniques

Building a Strong Foundation for Model-Based Testing

A model is an abstract and pictorial presentation of the functional behavior of an SUT (system under test). The ideal model notation would be easy for testers to understand, describe a large problem as easily as a small system, and still be parsed by a test-generation tool. Reconciling all these goals is difficult, and thus there is no one modeling language for all purposes, which implies that several notations may be required. Ideally, the data model...

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2013-07-09 10:23
What Does a Virtual Team Need To Be Successful?

I recently returned from a trip around the world, during which I traveled, over the course of 10 days, from India to New Zealand to Australia to the U.S. to the U.K. – and then back to India. On the flight leg between Sydney and Los Angeles, I was thinking (you have a LOT of time to think on those flights) about how technology allows me to be in my office wherever I am. The flight that I was on had internet connectivity for most of the 14 hour flight leg. Whatever time zone I was in I continued to be in...

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2013-07-05 12:12

Pharmaceutical companies routinely work with controlled substances, and must have adequate controls in place, to meet the legislative requirements of the countries in which they operate. Legislation is becoming increasingly complex as legislators attempt to keep up with a rapidly changing environment. Legislation exists at local, national and international levels to restrict the production, import/export, supply, use and possession of certain substances. This legislation has to be...

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2013-07-05 04:12

The well-known futurist, Gerd Leonhard has said that data is the “new oil”. Quite unlike the prized hydrocarbons though, data is plentifully available all around us. Thanks to the cheaper storage costs, now it is considered alright to err on the side of storing excess. As a result, a lot of noise too, is being stored along with the useful stuff. Information highway too is abuzz – the amount of traffic flowing annually over the Internet is all set to surpass 667 exabytes this year (One exabyte equals 250 million...

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2013-07-03 11:38

The cost of clinical trials has risen to almost 60% of total development costs, compared to 30% in the 1980si. According to The Centre for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation, a single day lost in trials can cost sponsors as much as US$8 million in lost sales opportunities. Pharmaceutical, biomedical and healthcare companies need to ensure that returns on every dollar of investment are optimized. This is one reason why...

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2013-07-03 03:44
Optimizing the Old to Enable the New

Rather than immediately joining the rush to invest in emerging technologies, smart companies will stop and assess how their existing systems can help them ride the new-technology wave.

There's no question we're entering a brave new corporate world, in which customer experience will be the only differentiator between which enterprise succeeds and which fails — no matter the size of the company, the industry it operates in, or the market it sells to. Customers will have greater...

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2013-07-02 11:03

There is a lot of fuss about SAP HANA at the moment, but most of the excitement is simply about it being a faster database platform. Personally, I don’t think that’s the exciting bit about HANA; the exciting bit is moving business rules from up-front allocations to run-time features of a report. The result is radically more flexibility, ultimately to the point of getting rid of structures like the chart of accounts.


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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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