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December 2013 | HCL Technologies

2013-12-24 04:37


Technology is everywhere you look! There is no mistake about it; technology has changed every aspect of life from how we work to the way we interact with customers, colleagues, friends and family and even with brands. However, as technology continues to advance, the challenge for businesses is to ensure that they can adapt fast enough by investing in the right technical solutions.

Technology such as cloud computing and...

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2013-12-13 12:27

The HR objective:  to create talent synergy through the efficient use of resources

A pervasive question floating around human resource departments today is how to manage talent with the inevitable “generation gap”. With the emergence of Millennials into the global workforce as well as the proliferation of mobility and cloud computing, employers have no choice but to change how they manage their most salient assets: their employees.  Unlike their counterparts Generation X and Baby...

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2013-12-11 04:46

How do you manage Ms. Healthy Spender & Mr. Chronic Thrifty?

Member 0ADCF33F9A0F1642 (Ms. Healthy Spender) is a 40 year old healthy female whose annual health insurance payments total $67,742.  According to Kaiser Family Foundation the US per capita healthcare spend was $6,815 in 2009.  Upon further examination, Ms. Healthy Spender has no chronic conditions but complains of abdominal pain.  She has had one laparoscopic procedure performed on her and has medication...

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2013-12-06 16:30
The Paradigms of Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement

These days, most web developers generally use two approaches to develop a Web application/Web site, but most are not aware they are using one or both of these approaches. These two approaches are: Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement. If you search for these keywords on Google, you will get a lot of definitions and examples. As per my experience, Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement are playing very...

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2013-12-02 18:20
Importance of Low Fidelity Wireframe

A developer’s work methodology involves receiving the requirements as a rough and ready prototype from the designers, but with a vision to achieve a definitive end point. Their aim is to deliver a “bug-free product.”  Thus, developers know both the start and the destination.

Usability analysts always start with a clean slate. Building a usable, accessible, intuitive, error-free interface by understanding the users and their behaviors is an uphill task. They co-ordinate with all the...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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