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February 2014 | HCL Technologies

2014-02-28 11:15

Successful companies have leveraged the power of internet to drive significant growth in their businesses. On the other hand, companies that have not embraced the opportunities created by the net or have delayed to leverage the same have disappeared as well. In both these categories one can list several names. It’s been a few years since the net has moved beyond being just the basic part of the infrastructure. It brings newer opportunities every single day. With the onslaught of mobile online, cloud, big data...

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2014-02-28 10:55

Internet became mainstream around 20 years ago and what a rapid pace of technology development we have seen over these years. Our lives have changed dramatically with the internet playing a pivotal and enabling role at work, home, leisure, for communities and governments, and just about everywhere. Every industry, every company and every one of us have benefitted from it. In more recent times, the huge momentum created by mobile smart phones has transformed us again all over again. Within this decade, smart...

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2014-02-28 10:40
A new transport layer protocol to connect end systems: MPTCP

At present days, most of network devices, consumer electronic devices have multiple network interfaces. Like mobile phones have wifi, 2G, 3G, bluetooth, server systems have multiple NICs, wireless adapters. In normal way at transport layer, traditional TCP protocol cannot use all available network interfaces simultaneously. It can use any one of network interface of system at a time and will create point-to-point reliable communication channel between two host machines.

Is it possible to overcome this...

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2014-02-26 06:40

Invariably, everybody knows what J means. The SMILEY. Wouldn’t chat messages seem odd if you replace the smiley with words?

Smiley icon

Importance of Smiley
 Illustration: Balakrishnan R

The Smiley icon...

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2014-02-21 05:36
Using XML as a Database in Software applications

When deciding where to store your data, traditional Relational database such as Oracle, Microsoft’s SQL Server, or the ever-popular open source MySQL are most popular. Alternatively, you could choose to use XML.  Though XML is not the best choice to choose as a database in your applications, it has its own merits and demerits.

What to do, if you have opted for XML as a huge relational database:
  • Design the XML Schema, more robust.
  • Even if the XML...
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2014-02-18 13:14
Ion Implantation – Cluster architecture & Increased Throughput

This is a brief overview of exiting variants of ion implantation soft wares used in a typical FAB environment and advantages of introducing cluster architecture for them. This is done by drawing a parallel with existing cluster tools that are used in the other semiconductor areas namely wafer inspection methodology.

Cluster is an emerging architecture in semiconductor industry that is widely used in the yield management tools like wafer inspection and measurement software.  The whole...

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2014-02-10 09:12
CSS3 Animations & Transitions: The New TrendIntroduction to Animation

Animation is an attractive feature available on the Web, which segregates the presentation of your Web page with a normal plain Web site. This enhances the interactivity of Web sites and provides an eye catchy podium. It ensures that you have kept the ‘end user’ in your mind while designing the minute particles of your page. This delights the visitor of the Web site and the first impression remains for long time.

Therefore, animation is great and greater is the impact of your Web site when it emerges...

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2014-02-05 04:36

Data comes in all different sizes: small, big, structured, unstructured (just to name a few).  Companies are in need of the right analytical tools to access all of this valuable information deep rooted within the organisation. According to reports from Forrester, BI has been a top implementation priority for organizations for a number of years. Firms are clearly recognizing the value of data and analytics when it comes to improving critical decisions and outcomes.

Understanding the...

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2014-02-03 13:19
TWEETOWIN - Rules for winning free MWC passes


  1. The contest will run from 5th February 2014 to 15th February 2014 and the winners would be announced and informed shortly thereafter.
  2. The winners would be registered for the event by HCL and can collect their passes at the event counter itself.
  3. Contestants have to register for the event on the HCLTECH website.

Please go to the link and register -

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2014-02-03 13:11

While there has been a lot of discussion around SMAC and its impact on business, the challenges surrounding the building of software that allow businesses to leverage SMAC to the hilt – are largely ignored. In this article, we will understand five key attributes that define software and its development process – in context of today’s software-driven businesses.

  • Highly scalable delivery model: In the future most software will be leveraging Cloud based delivery. While cloud is mostly...

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2014-02-03 06:29

The landscape of business is changing. We are on the cusp of the ‘post-digital era’, and the confluence of emerging technologies is creating new possibilities for businesses, consumers, and technology vendors. Numerous technology trends, such as social media, analytics, mobility, and cloud computing are integrating relationships between customers leading to increased collaboration among stakeholders. The ‘post-digital customer’ has resulted in cataclysmic changes in buying behavior leading to ripple effects...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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