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April 2014 | HCL Technologies

2014-04-30 06:12

The greatest pain-points in processes and products are the result of ‘self-imposed constraints’.

For example, as per DO-178B one needs to generate Software Requirements and Design Data, but it does not state that these have to be different documents. Most teams continue to generate 2 different documents – Software Requirements Document (SRD) and Software Design Document (SDD) – because that’s what we see is being done for ages.

And the fact that managing and control of two separate documents are...

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2014-04-28 09:42
Semi Equipments

Hi everyone!!!

It has been a pleasure and fantastic experience being a control system developer for the past 4 years and I feel good in sharing my thought on reducing overheads in control system software development.

This could very well fit as a design proposal write-up, but would certainly do a heap of positive impact on Software Developers, Designers & Architects who experience the hardness in rewriting code to cope up with fast growing Semi Equipment industry.

I shall give a...

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2014-04-25 14:18
Happy power saving in embedded

In today’s fast moving world, it is not wrong to say that we all heavily rely on batteries for most of our work, yet the average device fall drastically short of its ever increasing demand. Portable devices have become smaller and more powerful; and have managed to replace the varied functions of such multiple devices. We expect the embedded devices to have more features and perform even better.

Our smart phones can also act as WiFi hotspots, video players, high definition games consoles...

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2014-04-21 09:54

When it comes to choosing a database for an organization or developers an obvious choice would be limiting it within the RDBMS (ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL etc.) only. Until recently in 2009 when there was a new trend in the market, which changed the landscape of database engines. This new trend was named NoSQL. Lot of people took this term as “NO SQL” (derogatory) but in reality it was “Not Only SQL” which signifies that both can coexist & have their set of benefits & challenges. Today, companies like...

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2014-04-21 05:59

What is Software Defined Storage (SDS)? While Software Defined Networking (SDN) has become a buzzword, SDS has been slightly behind. But it could catch up any time. Like SDN, SDS too is about separating the Data Plane (hardware delivering storage capacity) from the Control Plane (software-logic driving storage services). It is about having the software storage stack providing a full suite of storage services on...

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2014-04-18 06:23

We are all aware of the old wisdom: ‘Assume’ is spelt ass + u + me. If you assume something there is a very high possibility that you will make a donkey of me. Most projects fail when assumptions remain unstated. Therefore, recording assumptions are encouraged. Every assumption has an associated risk. Every risk has a possible negative impact. So assumptions are the root of all evil, right? Wrong! Assumptions are our best friends and I will tell you why and, also, how you can use it to disrupt whatever that you...

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2014-04-14 06:26
Jack of all trades

Jack of all trades, master of none “is a figure of speech used in reference to a person that is competent with many skills but is not necessarily outstanding in any particular one.” - Wikipedia

Jack of all trades, master of none is taken in a negative context whenever we think of this phrase. Don’t you?

In today’s environment in the workplace and at home, when we have to have knowledge in so many areas, is it really possible to master all the skills? Is it really...

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2014-04-11 13:54
3D Printing – How close or far from making an Industrial Revolution

3D printing is observing a strong market trend and being perceived as the next industrial revolution. When someone hears it first time, it sounds like printing on a paper which will have 3D effect!  Well, interestingly that’s not the case; it's nothing to do with printing on a paper!! 3D Printing rather entails creating (which is said as printing) an actual 3D object from a machine, which is termed as 3D printer.

Well, so 3D printer will print a 3D model file that you have created through a...

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2014-04-08 12:39

The software for aircraft systems is developed to DO-178B standards. DO-178B primarily concerns itself with safety. Safety analysis carried out at the systems level determines to what level the software shall be developed and verified. Thus, for example, software that could result in a catastrophic failure are developed to Level A. Those that have no impact on safety are assigned Level E, and do not fall under the purview of DO-178 anymore. An example of Level A software would be the software that resides in an...

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2014-04-04 09:18
OTT Messaging Apps: They are here to stay

A few months back my 10 year old son smiled at me, more like snickered, when I asked him what is WhatsApp and why on earth should I be using it on my newly purchased Nexus 5. I gave in. I had to give in. After all, the phone today is really not just a device that is used to only do the traditional telephony or even the short code messages, popularly known as short messaging service or SMS for short. There is a new lady in town wooing all of us with her charm, persona and the ease of use. WhatsApp. She is ruling...

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2014-04-02 13:35
Building Cross Browser Application Using HTML5 Boilerplate

As we all are aware that the year 2013 was called as the responsive year since users do not have to use multiple screens to view Websites. But a major drawback to develop a responsive Website is the lack of support on all browsers especially Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0 versions. Fortunately HTML5 boilerplate has saved the day for all the User Interface developers.

As a matter of fact, HTML5 Boilerplate is “not a framework”, but it is a template that can be modified and used...

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2014-04-01 10:53
Knowledge Management: Is it delivering the Value?

Knowledge Management is one of the highly used (or abused) processes in the organizations today. All the organizations have some form of knowledge management implemented to capture the knowledge. KM tools in general help the organization maintain this knowledge database & help the employees in deriving the benefits like reusability, quick ramp ups, reduced cycle times, references & any other past history that can be useful.

This article will target the audience who are interested in measuring...

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2014-04-01 10:06

We fly because birds do.

This is one of those hypothetical statements that is difficult to prove or disprove.

The earliest man was definitely inspired to fly because he saw birds flapping its wings and flying.

But then human beings do lots of things that do not naturally occur in nature.

Two examples … first, we use wheels for locomotion. Think about it … wheels are the most ineffective tools for locomotion in the wild. And unless you consider tumbling weeds as the source of...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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