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May 2014 | HCL Technologies

2014-05-30 09:35

Soccer fans would remember the time long, long ago when the starting formation of a team was the classic pyramid 5-3-2.

Five forwards

Three halfbacks

Two fullbacks

Essentially 5 in forward positions and 5 in defense. The roles were clearly defined. The fullbacks will clear the ball from their own area. The halfbacks will collect the cleared ball and feed the forwards. The forwards will score goals. This was more or less...

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2014-05-30 09:01
Users Interaction

Few days back, I was delighted to see modern style UI on Nowadays, very often we see that many Web/mobile/desktop applications are implementing modern style and the layout also looks appealing and precise too. As you all know, modern style is innovated by Microsoft and it is the main feature of the Windows-8. Earlier, they named it metro style design and nowadays it is called Modern Style. It was an in-house code identity of a typography-...

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2014-05-26 10:33

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are high-level written instructions for performing recurring procedures safely, accurately, consistently, and efficiently. In the Healthcare industry, SOPs help in meeting business and regulatory requirements and in achieving compliance with the law. Sections of regulations such as 21 CFR Part 58, 210, 211, 310, 314, 820 refers to well-written, reviewed, and revised SOPs in one way or the other. Most of the SOP related FDA-483s, revolve around absence of SOPs, failure to...

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2014-05-23 05:23

A few months back, The Hindu featured an article on city street signs and how wrong sign boards are a big deterrent to motorists ( I’m sure most of us would have noticed the sign board in which a helmet is placed within a red circle advising drivers to wear helmets while driving....

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2014-05-21 09:15
User Experience

Have you ever used an application/product/Website and were left grumbling at the end because you were unable to get to the desired navigation? Frankly speaking, it happens to us many a time when we are left scratching our heads after seeing the complex GUI and wonder where to start and where to end.

We all are aware that end-users have a tendency to value a usable application/usable/Website. Now, what do you mean by a good usable product? An application/product/Website is considered to have a...

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2014-05-20 12:21

At the time of a new engagement, managers take into consideration multiple activities like charter, planning, effort estimation, defining goals and metrics, success factors, cost, outcome, etc. One factor that is most important for any project to succeed is engaging the right team to execute the project. This factor is mostly not given adequate importance in on-site/ offshore delivery model.

One of the reasons why setting up a team is a challenge in this...

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2014-05-16 12:11

According to the 2014 Air Travel ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) study the Airline Industry continues to lag most other industries in customer satisfaction.  And at Airlines, customer satisfaction with in-flight services is the 2nd lowest category among all categories measured.

Airlines - 2014 vs 2013 Industry Customer Experience Benchmarks

“Travelers are happy with airlines before...

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2014-05-16 08:16

Inverting an existing framework often leads to a different perspective, and in many cases a better solution to an existing problem.

The challenge is this: how can we do something different to improve quality and increase throughput of activities such as verification. How about inverting the existing framework of software testing? In all cases, the results were exemplary. Visit HCL's...

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2014-05-16 08:11

Utility services in our homes are a necessity and so is the bill payment. Around the world, there are billions of utility meters sitting which are manually read by service persons from the utility companies. It can get irritating at times when these people turn up at your doorstep trying to get the readings from those meters. Simultaneously it is also irritating for utility company person when he finds consumer’s home locked again and again and not able to collect the readings. Sometimes meters are placed at...

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2014-05-15 05:52
Technical Writing and its Business Value

In this growing era of technological environment the things are becoming complex. Things that look simpler on GUI have the most complex functions and procedures running behind. Most of the IT professionals think that developing, testing, maintaining and supporting a software solution is sufficient to survive in this frequently changing IT environment. Let’s think about Technical Writing and understand how it adds value to an IT organization.

Now, let’s think about the today’s competitive business market...

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2014-05-09 07:33

Rarely any technology has built the momentum as fast as wearable technology. Just googling for last year content will reveal the reverence technology has received from industry captains and pundits. Rarely a week goes without technology getting comment either from an analyst or industry stalwarts. But the million dollar question – will the end consumer embrace the way it accepted smartphones?

As expected, people have different takes, partially depending upon their own stake in the overall...

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2014-05-05 09:37
End-to-End VOD/OTT

Well, in today’s fast pace and technically sound environment, no one wants to view their favorite programs by the scheduled time with added advertisements and sponsors’ messages; with the availability of subscribed services like Everywhere TV, OTT/VOD (Over the top/ Video on Demand) and live events streaming on their preferred platform, who would mind spending that little penny and watch their favorite programs at their own convenience and comfort.

With the boost in telecommunication in...

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2014-05-05 09:05
Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is in great demand these days and is quite popular in Web development. I recently started working on it and completed few of my projects. In course of my familiarity with it, I experienced its diversified scope, various predefined components and an easy to use framework. It is a very powerful tool, which makes your life easier by saving a lot of your development time. Its reusable components are quite handy in nature, so that you can grope through the framework and keep whatever you need and discard...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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