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July 2014 | HCL Technologies

2014-07-31 14:55
To wear or not to wear?

Wearable technology is not new but its evolution in recent years has been remarkable. While fitness trackers have already flooded the stores, it may be a while before Google Glass and some revolutionary smart watches roll out in to the market. Almost every pioneering tech company is working on some form of wearable technology and is attempting to perfect it. In the next two to five years, not only will we have most of the anticipated wearable technology on the streets but there will be some unprecedented and...

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2014-07-25 06:04

My first visit to Farnborough was more than a decade ago. It was the year 2000. I happened to visit the UK to meet a customer and made it to the Farnborough Airshow on the public day. I was a lot younger and it was a dream come true. What’s more! I have not missed a single Farnborough Airshow ever since. As a business visitor, no less. This year has been special though. But more about that later. First, let us take a trip down the memory lane, 2000 – 2014. And in the process we will look at the emerging trends...

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2014-07-18 07:04

Polybase is a technology that is designed to query data from Hadoop Distributed File System. It works by integrating SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse and supports SQL queries to read and write data from HDFS.

In simple, we can create an external PDW table that reference Hadoop data and then write SQL statement to query data from HDFS. With this approach it provides capabilities to get data by joining native relational tables and Hadoop data.


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2014-07-16 13:46

In this blog, I am going to cover few issues which you generally face while using Fluent NHibernate in different scenarios.

First issue occurs when you are working on some platform based application, where you don’t want your configuration related code to be changed at any point of time. Moreover you wanted your code to be hidden and non-accessible, but due to the current architecture of fluent nhibernate there is not much options left.

Second issue is generally faced in case of big...

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2014-07-16 02:07

Nowadays, there are several buzzwords we hear concerning “smart utilities”, “smart grids”, “smart cities”, and more. However, before initiating the journey from “utility” to “smart utility”, here’s a quick look at why IT automation is so crucial to the successful recovery from the malaise that plagues this sector.

The critical need for IT automation

The Indian power sector is marred with technical and financial woes, and most of its reforms, policies and planning resonate the...

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2014-07-10 14:05

JavaScript language has become increasingly popular in the past few years and new techniques and libraries have frequently been released concerning it. JavaScript is not only an object-oriented language, but a dynamically typed one; so, it’s difficult to find a system that can test JavaScript.

There are many software/unit testing tools currently available, but most of them are only targeted towards testing of static/server/desktop-based code. There are no ways to test dynamic/Client code, which is...

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2014-07-09 13:36

Mobile gaming has changed the way video games are played, bringing independence to gamers from just sitting on couches and using remotes. The games are available free, or at a very low cost. Players have the freedom to download and install/uninstall the games. Gamers have moved on from the age of Atari and Nintendo. PlayStation and XBox also do not have as large a player base as mobile gamers today. The key USP of mobile games is their accessibility everywhere, through the phone.


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2014-07-08 12:02

In this blog, I am going to explain how the Entity Framework Fluent API can be used for creating a platform application for .Net Developers which has to support ORM features as well. This platform application has to provide entity management privilege to the client application, which means that the client application can create & manage its...

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2014-07-08 07:28

It was fall of 2012; the corridors of the large entertainment conglomerate were relatively quiet. The service desk had a normal day and business leaders didn’t realize that the IT shared services department had just managed to shift the incumbent IT infrastructure service provider to a new Service Provider with no trace of business disruption. One of the biggest changes...

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2014-07-03 14:10

“Big Bang disruption”-this is what defines the speed at which technologies gets exponentially better and cheaper with every product cycle. The trend from proprietary to combinatorial research and development has changed the way how innovators design, produce and market the smartphones. With more and more people being reliant on their smartphones day by day, the demand for better features will lead the market. Much like the hypercompetitive market, the style and trend can be expected to change annually or...

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2014-07-03 14:07

Representational ImageA young, well groomed woman enters a classic Indian style, Gandhian themed, what perceives to be a coffeehouse (thanks to the inviting coffee aroma) and asks for a Tea. Don’t find it ludicrous if the coffeehouse is Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse chain in the world!

16 May 2014, when the fate of the Indian governance was to be decided,...

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2014-07-03 13:57

Imagine an organization of entrepreneurs – where ideas flow freely and employees have free rein to see through their initiatives, where mistakes are not punished and successes celebrated throughout. Does it sound too good to be true? Google doesn’t think so and neither do 3M or Lockheed-Martin or General Electric. Welcome to the world of intrapreneurialism!

What is it?

Intrapreneurialism is the practice of encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of employees within an organization. It...

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2014-07-02 12:40
Typeface: The art of making a person read in between the words

Well said by an artist, “creativity and hunger have no can compel a man do the impossible”.

I won’t talk about hunger here, but I will talk about the second most important thing next to being alive i.e. creativity. In visual designing, choosing the right typeface is essential to express the product’s concept succinctly in words.

Typography – “A typeface (also known as font family) is a set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share...

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2014-07-02 12:32

I have a question for you.

What is the probability that you will meet an accident in the next 100 hours of riding on a motorcycle? Close to zero, right? Definitely, very low, you would agree. After all, how many motorcyclists do you see falling off their bike everyday as you commute to and from the office?

But if that small probability happens, then the consequences could be high, right?

Since, Risk = (probability of an event occurring) x (impact of that event), we wear helmets.


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2014-07-02 12:26
Evolution of Online Digital Advertising Space

Online digital Advertising has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry in the recent years. In 2014 the online digital advertising spends were over 137 Billion US$ considered globally by eMarketer, that was up by 20% spending back in 2012 that was at 104.5 Billion US$. The Online digital Advertising trend started and has taken over the total print ad spending over the years, let alone broadcast advertising.

Online digital Advertising has become one of the most cost-effective ways for major...

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2014-07-01 02:38
The Art of ORGANIZING in different phases of project (Page II)
How to take up such changes?

The above change is not a small change. The introduction of new features like above demands a lot of code to refactor and even goes beyond simple refactoring.

Importance of the organization activity

In the event of such changes coming up, my take would be to go for re-organization activity so that further code changes can be easily accommodated and other project activities like code reviewing, static code analysis, testing, fixing errors, comments,...

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2014-07-01 02:18
The Art of ORGANIZING in different phases of project (Page I)

The one characteristic of ORGANIZING things can prove to be a very strong point in the programming domain and in fact to different areas of life. Organizing is an art and not everyone is equipped with it or uses it, but sharing knowledge pieces can stir the minds of people to pop out this art onto canvas. Here canvas indicates any area of your life, but we’ll specifically talk about the programming domain. Though this is a personality trait, but is a necessity in painless execution of project leading to a...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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