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December 2014 | HCL Technologies

2014-12-24 12:17

In this blog, I am going to cover a few points on API Management Services in Azure.

Let us first understand what are the advantages of using APIs, and what API Management is. APIs are the most optimized way of sharing data or providing services, where technology is not a limitation. It means one can use a Java API for fetching data in .Net application. There are many more ways to consume APIs but the major drawback for APIs is that one cannot track the utilization of the APIs or cannot analyze the...

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2014-12-24 07:38

A large payer in the US is in the process of starting a state-of-the-art case management implementation around claims. I am engaged with them for the past several months consulting and advising them from product evaluation to process implementation. As we were going through various technological elements for a successful claims implementation, the team was challenged because of innumerable limitations imposed by old mainframe based technologies that this payer has today.

In my conversation with the...

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2014-12-19 10:55

NASSCOM puts Indian Engineering and R&D services exports at $17 billion in 2013, and expects it to grow with CAGR of more than 14% to reach $ 37-45 billion by 2020. Let us look at some key market drivers which will lead the industry into this remarkable growth journey.

Global leading

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2014-12-18 06:44

Much has been written about outsourcing, offshoring, near shoring, etc. by analysts, sourcing advisors and others; however, when you peel away the layers of technology and jargon, it all boils down to simple resource-based outsourcing where you replace an employee with a cheaper contractor.

Of course, in the process of converting a social science in to engineering, an employee became a resource or an FTE (full time equivalent), and enterprises needed sourcing advisors to optimize resource costs by...

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2014-12-04 07:17

Big data: What type of value does it drive in the Logistics Industry?


Across industries, Big Data has generated big buzz – and the logistics sector is no exception. In fact, logistics CEOs rank “information explosion” amongst the top drivers of transformation for their organizations. Many IT professionals are attracted by the promise of Big Data’s ability to mitigate the costs of managing a growing volume, velocity and variety of data. However, despite plenty of talk about Big...

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2014-12-03 12:41

Sometime ago, I was searching on the Internet for JavaScript classes. I have been asked about this at every interview, in various companies and in myriad situations. I could never give a conclusive answer and could only make some basic statements concerning it. Realizing this, I began searching for classes on the Internet; spent a couple of hours but did not really get anything satisfactory. Most of the Internet pages that talked about JavaScript classes were quite vague and were not able to satisfy my desire...

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2014-12-02 06:07

Client confidentiality and intellectual property rights must be respected. Even if you haven’t inked a formal agreement with a new or existing client, be very cautious about what information you disclose, even over coffee with a close friend. There’s nothing worse than watching years of confidential effort evaporate in a single post.

For this reason, stick to the following rules when considering what can be shared outside of your immediate work team:

  • Decide in advance what you can...
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2014-12-01 11:26

The Challenge

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • We need to make our processes more efficient, but because we have so many underlying applications and platforms, we cannot adopt a common processing model
  • Regulatory requirements are a real constraint on our ability to streamline processes – and we often have to add extra steps to deal with new requirements
  • We are highly dependent on subject matter experts because of the age and complexity of the products we are servicing...
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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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