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February 2015 | HCL Technologies

2015-02-26 07:56


C# is developed by Microsoft as a simple, powerful, type-safe and object-oriented programming language. It is widely accepted as a high level programming language for web and desktop programming on the Windows platform. By utilizing the rich set of libraries and API, it is possible to build applications rapidly.

Although C# is known for programming on the Windows platform, at its core it is not...

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2015-02-26 07:35

There are various types of software testing techniques. Each individual technique is good at finding a particular type of defect. Each testing technique falls into a number of different categories.

There are two main categories - static and dynamic. Dynamic techniques are subdivided into three more categories:

  • Specification-based Testing (black-box, also known as behavioral techniques)
  • Structure-based Testing (white-box or structural techniques)
  • Experience-based...
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2015-02-25 12:21


Figure 1: DevOps Empowering the IT Business

DevOps is quite the buzzword now-a-days and many discussions have attempted to merely define it. One thing that we all agreed on though: Development and Operations are two organizational entities that tend to not get along well. Unfortunately. A Forrester webinar was hosted by Glenn O'Donnell titled, “DevOps the...

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2015-02-25 11:56

Declining cost

The declining cost of Smartphones

As the cost of smartphones with decent features decline year on year, studies by research firm IDC indicate that growth in sales will be driven by consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. The drop in prices being the key driver for this growth.

The dominant consumer group for this is the middle class in these countries who have disposable income....

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2015-02-25 10:46

Fabulous products take time to build, and a design process is crucial for laying its foundation. To be very frank, wireframing is one of those mysterious steps in a design phase and can be quite enticing to skip. In one of my previous organizations, our design team was working on redesigning an e-commerce website. In one of the daily standup meetings, the customer accentuated on skipping the wireframe stage and suggested we start off with the visual design phase. Speaking in broader terms - this meant, the team...

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2015-02-24 07:52

A disruptive innovation can help create a new market and value network, or disrupt an existing market and value network by displacing an earlier technology. The term is used to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect; typically first by designing for a different set of consumers in a new market, and later, by lowering prices in the existing market.

The theory of disruptive innovation was first coined by Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen in...

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2015-02-24 07:23

When Taylor Swift sings that famous song, “What to wear”, she sings of our never-ending fascination with wearables. Luckily, the near future holds greater promises of better and smarter wearables than her plain simple blue jeans and Abercrombie T-shirts.

Wearables are sensor devices that are worn on the physical body. A wearable device can be worn by someone while his/her different vital signs are being tracked and transmitted to another location for various applications. To make a wearable sensor...

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2015-02-18 05:24

Realizing Carrier Wi-Fi

Mobile data consumption is growing exponentially with the rapid growth of smartphones/tablets and bandwidth-hungry applications (Video/Music Streaming, Rich Media Communication and personal Cloud services, etc.) that they run. Analysts predict that Wireless Data Traffic will increase by 300% in 2017, compared with what it was in 2012.

While we...

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2015-02-18 05:09

Vision Of Internet

The term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) has been used from marketing to research publications and conference titles. I thought it...

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2015-02-16 06:10


We are 14 months away from ‘What is Digital’ videos, to everyone taking the definition of Digital for granted. The Digital megatrend however goes beyond being a buzz word. Go back as early as 2011 Gartner Technology Predictions and we will see components of...

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2015-02-05 09:31

I was sent two fantastic articles on leadership thinking this week. Articles that outline concepts that I strongly subscribe to – Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence, Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance, Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, Annie McKee, from the December 2001 issue 8.95) and Systems Thinking (Cultivating Systemic Thinking in the Next Generation of Business Leaders, Atwater, Kannan & Stephens, Utah State University). The first one was sent...

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2015-02-05 09:05

Sourcing Advisors represent a growing industry of market influencers that are transforming the outsourcing markets across the world. These firms (and independent individuals) are involved in the majority of large and complex ITO and BPO deals, providing a range of services to clients from developing sourcing strategies and target operating models, to running provider selection processes and contract negotiations...

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2015-02-04 11:33

User Mental Model

This morning, while sipping my favorite green tea at home, I automatically checked my smartphone for office mail. Although there was no reason for not enjoying the morning time with self, sub-consciously an escalation thread was happening in my mind and my intention was to check the current status of that escalation, which was occupying a portion of my mind concerning...

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2015-02-04 10:50

I don’t think any of us would ever forget our childhood days when we used to bring our report cards home from school. The joy, the fear, the excitement, the anxiety, all prevailing until the time the card was opened by Dad. We thought we would never have to go through this again once we finished with school – but, we thought wrong!

As professionals, we continue to present our work and our team’s work to clients in the form of status reports and weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews. In school, we never cared...

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2015-02-04 10:33

In any business, customer feedback and customer satisfaction are key performance indicators for successfully running the business. There are a few techniques that can measure customer feedback on your business/services/products. Let's discuss the pros and cons of each scoring system so that we can choose the better one.

1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

The goal of any CSAT is to measure the level of customer satisfaction on a company's product or service. This can be...

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2015-02-04 08:46

Considering the different phases in a clinical trial, there is a need for subjects to be enrolled according to the eligibility criteria defined in the study protocol. Holding the involvement of the right patients is a critical barrier for investigators and sponsors. During the conduct phase of clinical trials, sites usually spend most of their time working on patient recruitment, and yet, statistics show that despite this effort, reaching enrollment goals according to the timeline is frustratingly elusive in...

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2015-02-04 08:35

Through this blog, I would like to propose a basic idea for designing and developing a light-weight, cost-effective single seater solar car, and also discuss the various technologies involved  in this project, which  offers great scope for innovation in the use of renewable energy. The model I am proposing is technologically advanced and environment friendly with good potential to become highly sustainable in the automobile industry.   



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2015-02-03 07:51

I recently wrote a blog on how BPM can help in front office innovation by enabling back office automation. (You can read it here). The blog focused on how BPM can help in implementing new age applications without going through complex legacy modernization.  However, before realizing the full potential of an elegant BPM implementation, one of the most critical factors...

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2015-02-03 07:34

Social eCommerce

Some old fashioned people like me prefer local bazaars over the sprawling malls that have suddenly sprung up all over the place. The mall culture is something that spells convenience of the superlative degree. However, it lacks the colors, tradition and community feel that a local shop offers. I do not scorn or despise malls; however, I would never trade discounts and variety for...

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2015-02-03 07:30

Internet of Things (IoT) Evolution & Usage

There is much hype about the “Internet of Things”. The idea of an interconnected continuum of devices/objects/things in general emerged with RFID technology and this concept has been extended to the current vision that envisages a plethora of heterogeneous objects interacting with each other in the physical environment. IoT is a scenario in which objects...

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