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March 2015 | HCL Technologies

2015-03-31 08:51



Commonly referred to as OAT, Operational Acceptance Testing is the testing done before the solution is released or deployed, just after the execution of user acceptance testing (UAT).  The OAT environment is called the ‘pilot’ or ‘pre-prod’ environment.  This environment tests the system’s operational readiness, much like the user acceptance testing...

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2015-03-31 07:00


Breakout chit-chat

Amit (BI Tech Lead): We have a large Multi-Dimensional Cube (MDM) based BI solution. With the advent of tabular models, should we convert our MDM cube to tabular analytical models?

Annie (Power User): I am familiar with data and attributes. Can the technology team quickly provide me with the mechanism for self-service BI?

Mark (in the process of...

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2015-03-30 10:57

The saying “A place for everything, and everything in its place” almost sums up the idea behind warehouse slotting and profiling. A more accurate version might be, “An ideal place for everything, and everything in the most efficient place.” 


Labor standard experts often see the similar issues across all warehouses and distribution centers which impacts benefits of the labor standards. Classic...

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2015-03-30 06:53

The Current Situation

There is significant pressure on State CIOs to streamline IT budgets, increase productivity, rationalize IT spending and improve service delivery to citizens and business customers.  Though the States have invested in new technologies, their current IT portfolio still has legacy systems that they have to support, and this is resulting in significant financial and technical challenges to overcome.  If the States don’t invest in modernizing their legacy applications, then...

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2015-03-19 12:06

Windows developer program

The Windows developer program for Internet of Things (IoT) is the first in a series of IoT programs for the creation of connected devices.  This program is tailor-made for both makers and Windows developers entering into the IoT space. With this program, Microsoft has launched a...

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2015-03-16 05:39

Power/electricity is one of the most critical infrastructure components affecting the economic growth of a country.  Not only does it affect our day to day lives as consumers, but it is an extremely crucial input for industries. A sector’s significance with respect to an economy’s growth can’t be emphasized more. Similarly, another aspect that we might want to consider is the direct correlation between the per capita consumption of electricity and the per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of a country. A...

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2015-03-12 07:05

To do

Necessary, but not sufficient

There is enough and more rhetoric on providing a complete solution, and umpteen cases where despite focusing on necessary features, it is still not sufficient for the end user.

There is an excellent quote which highlights this –

“Good judgment comes from experience. And experience …. Well! That comes from bad...

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2015-03-11 09:13

“What would you like to be 10 years from now?” an HR colleague asked an interviewee the other day. An oft-repeated question, it sought to probe the alignment of the job with the applicant’s aspirations. Pat came the reply: “Relevant”. Needless to say he got the job. When I heard of this interesting exchange, I couldn’t help but admire the smarts of this leader. In his own simple and dramatic way, he drove home a very important point; one that I have personally been incessantly repeating to my colleagues,...

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2015-03-10 08:09

Internet of Things Security

With the advent of low power sensors, energy efficient processors/ controllers, the advancements in communication, especially in wireless, the reach and growth of IoT is accelerated. This exponential growth is causing concerns for data security and data privacy. Any network that has nodes with a programmable interface and is accessible can be a potential network...

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2015-03-09 06:31

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) as the next big wave is creating much hype and expectations in the business world of today, as was the case of computers and mobile phones in early years. As we already know, IoT connects devices/things with Chips through transmitters, sensors, wireless networks, actuators and the Cloud;...

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2015-03-09 05:58

Cold Chain

Cold chain transportation in the pharmaceutical, food and perishables industry is both a challenge and an opportunity for the logistics industry

The handling of such cargo requires an infrastructure with a controlled environment and real time monitoring of the key parameters such as the temperature, environmental conditions...

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2015-03-03 12:20


The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to touch every aspect of our lives- from our bodies to our communities to our work places to a fully connected world. It also promises to improve our well-being, raise our quality of life, increase productivity, and foster better cooperation and...

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2015-03-03 05:40

In my previous two blogs, I spoke about HCL’s shift in the ANZ region from purely responding to RFP’s, to infusing our offerings with industry specific offerings that are ideally offered As a Service. Our value proposition in the traditional sense of quality, well priced services, delivered with a mix of onshore and offshore resources continues to sit well in our present market. As a result our growth is strong, as we take away market share from traditional suppliers in the ANZ region. However, that growth...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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