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April 2015 | HCL Technologies

2015-04-27 09:56

Social Media

>80% of people with Internet access are social media subscribers today


Next generation communication technologies and devices have irreversibly changed the way we communicate.  Gone are the days of chatting in a park or on street corners.  Our new street corners are our smartphones, where we use social media portals to communicate....

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2015-04-27 09:08

Smart Airport

The business model for Airports is significantly changing with the increase in customer expectations driven by the Digital experience, growing air traffic that is impacting the current infrastructure, the environmental impact, and the competition among Airports.

While the growth in traffic has been a boon from a revenue standpoint, increased traffic has the ability to...

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2015-04-22 12:59

In the last two decades, the world has witnessed a huge amount of technological advancements emerge. The Omnipresent nature of Mobile devices, emergence of Internet of Things , Machine to Machine (M2M) technologies are drastically changing the way the consumers are empowered in consuming the services in wide array of industries including Banking, Insurance, Automotive and others.


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2015-04-22 12:43

Why open data and crowdsourcing approaches are critical in today’s world?

In today’s increasingly connected and collaborative world, advancements in science cannot be done behind closed doors and in silos. Especially it is important for the big pharmaceutical companies where they are going through a phase of dwindling R&D pipelines and also an ever increasing demand for new drugs. Hence there is a greater need for continued and accelerated development of new therapies along...

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2015-04-22 12:29

IT & Procurement Organizations across industries worldwide have mastered the sourcing of “Run the Business” Services. The sourcing models in existence today have matured over a period of time and these models fulfill the organizational needs from a sourcing engagement with a service provider.

Application Development” or “Change the Business” services on the other hand are still in the initial stages of evolution as challenges involved in AD are unique and IT...

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2015-04-17 09:21

Advent of Data sciences

Pharma companies’ tryst with handling electronic data traces back to 1970s since the time Pharma companies moved on to EDC and set up IBRD(Institute for Biological Research and Development) , Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) and the Protein Data Bank (PDB)to circumvent data clean-up problems arising due to manual clinical data forms. This was only a starting point for development of tools that could analyze data and effectively using statistical models for Toxicity...

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2015-04-17 09:09


It is a common problem when a team in an organization creates a component which can be leveraged by multiple teams, but does not keep it in a common shareable repository to which everyone has access.

Most of the teams depend on checking in the common component in to a shared source control to which other teams get a reference to use it. This process of adding a reference has several...

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2015-04-17 07:24

Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

Before I get into explaining how HTML5 powers IoT, let me explain what IoT is. IoT - sometimes referred to as Internet of Objects - is likely to change everything as we know it, including ourselves! This may seem like a bold statement, but considering the impact that the Internet has already had on education, communication, business, science,...

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2015-04-13 07:34

break the content

When I was in high school, I was good at math and science, scoring more than 95% in both consistently. Probably, this was a way to compensate for my lack of understanding languages.

I was trained as an engineer, which meant my language comprehension skills worsened and I continued to struggle even after getting married. PK (The Alien) cautions his fellow alien...

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2015-04-13 07:16

Today’s world is dominated by mobility and all smartphone users want sites to be loaded in the minimal time. No one wants to wait for loading data and images. In technology’s race, as a UI developer, I personally feel that some crucial points must be kept in mind before writing code. Web optimization plays a key role in web development.

What is Website Optimization? A technique used to describe the...

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2015-04-13 06:35



When companies operate through large delivery models, there are many areas that are worked on with multiple services and stakeholders involved at various levels. In such a multi-tier system, stakeholders wishing to consume outsourcing services are often at a loss in terms of knowing what...

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2015-04-06 11:20

Most multinational banks have extensive experience performing work in low cost geopraphies leveraging different offshoring models, including establishing a company-owned captive or using outsourcing vendors. However, changes in market dynamics are causing major banks to reevaluate their offshore strategies.

The first major change impacting bank offshore strategies is the evolving regulatory environment. Partly a result of the 2008-09 financial crisis, the U.S. financial services industry is experiencing...

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2015-04-01 10:08

Burn-Down charts are amongst the most common sprint tracking mechanisms used in Agile software development methodologies. This article looks at creating and updating a burn-down chart using the effort-remaining approach. It will also be interpreting burn-down under different scenarios, the advantages of using burn-down charts, and some mistakes to avoid when using them.

Burn-Down Chart

A burn-down chart...

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2015-04-01 06:25



ARIMA uses regression analysis, the purpose of which is to predict future points. Lags of the Stationary Series in the forecasting equation are defined as “autoregressive” (AR) terms. Lags within the Forecast Series are called “moving average” (MA) terms. The Time Series which turns non-stationary data in to stationary by applying the difference is called “integrated” (I).


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2015-04-01 03:20

Introduction to Time Series

Time Series modelling is a fascinating area with practical relevance and impact. Time Series techniques work on numerical data collected over a considerable period of time. It is further used to generate future values of the series (termed as forecast). In a nutshell, predicting the future by understanding the past numerical observations is the key outcome of Time Series based techniques. Time Series forecasting can be applied in voluminous (data) areas such as economics, e...

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