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June 2015 | HCL Technologies

2015-06-29 12:14

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Before starting with the introduction of the Ionic framework, I would like to discuss the powers of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using these technologies, a UI Developer can create UI for cloud based applications, web applications, parallax websites, and much more.

The technology has now come so far that you can create mobile applications using...

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2015-06-29 11:15

User-Centered Applications

Why design a web application that is a massive pain for end users, as they struggle with all the elements placed on it? The whole idea is to make the site super friendly for all, and make it easy to use. User friendly applications will not only increase the number of users of the application, but will also help in winning more business, and in the financial growth of the...

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2015-06-29 10:22

responsive images

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a boon in web technology. Even though a lot of techniques have evolved to achieve it efficiently, the fact remains that no RWD solution is complete without a suitable technique for dealing with images. The main problem is, big screens require images with high resolution for sharpness, and small screens require less resolution to save on bandwidth....

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2015-06-29 09:30


An Overview of Mock Testing

Mock Testing is a unit testing technique, in which the testing of complex code /complex real objects with similar behavior of the expected application is needed. In mocking, real complex objects can be simulated using this method. This way, the desired functionality of the application can be tested without the actual running of real...

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2015-06-29 07:42


It’s not often that weekend reads stay with you for longer than a few days. But Viktor and Kenn’s work on Big Data was no ordinary read. It transformed my take on the subject, so I felt it was worth delving deeper. Here is a snapshot of how Big Data is changing business models and creating new ones!

Data: A New Class of Assets


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2015-06-29 07:03


Most UI developers focus only on the output of CSS and not on code efficiency. I can perceive your conscious mind thinking about sprites, minified CSS files, and page specific CSS to avoid unused styles. But, did you ever think about CSS Selectors or CSS Rules? These days, even icons and backgrounds can be designed using CSS. So, don’t you think it is important to know how to improve CSS performance?

If we...

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2015-06-25 10:58

In an era of rapidly evolving technology, utility companies are constantly on the look-out for innovative and differentiated value propositions and strategies that can revitalize overall customer experience, boost market coverage, ward off competition, and stay relevant. Broadband over Power Line (BPL) - the ability to stream data signals over existing power line infrastructure - is one such innovation with immense potential, offering a unique transformative opportunity that promises to unlock hidden value,...

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2015-06-18 09:59


It wasn't so long ago that business growth was thought of in linear terms – a company wanting to grow revenue would consider the areas where the revenue potential lay, and how they could capitalize on the business possibilities. Technology was treated as a "necessary evil”, an inconsequential piece, and worse, even a cost center.


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2015-06-16 07:51

Logistics and technology go hand in hand. While the global supply chain has been around for an eternity, it is the powered engine, the container box and computers that make our world more connected and more efficient than ever.


The ...

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2015-06-11 06:21


While working on Agile transformation from a waterfall approach, organizations face a lot of challenges that could have been avoided if they knew things beforehand. There are always some high priority programs going on in these organizations at any point in time and it is difficult to decide how long it would take to make the transformation. It really takes time to ingest an Agile...

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2015-06-10 12:06

java script

User Experience (UX) is all about the emotions and responses a user experiences or anticipates from his/her interaction with a system or a service. This includes emotional experience, perceptions, behaviors, physical and psychological responses,...

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2015-06-10 10:21

Skipping user

In one of my previous companies, the design team was in a meeting with a client. “Why should we do that?”, “What is Persona?”, “Why do you have to explicitly mention man-hours separately in the UX estimation sheet for conducting Focus Groups, and seriously, what is that?” As various mental models clashed in the room, it became quite evident that is...

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2015-06-01 09:58

Large Picture

When you talk about brands, every Tom, Dick and Harry are following the new trends in the marketplace to stand out differently; this includes well established brands too. In fact, not only in Web design, but also in TV commercials and print design, styles are changing quicker than the time it takes for your tea to cool. In the age of a responsive Web, I see that every second...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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