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August 2015 | HCL Technologies

2015-08-27 11:55

With the emergence of Digitization and Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for highly agile digital applications and workflows built on third-platform principles has increased, and LoB leaders and the CIO’s peers in an enterprise have begun consuming infrastructure services directly from public clouds such as AWS, Google and Azure. The CIO community has traditionally been the custodian of conventional datacenter architecture based on hardware...

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2015-08-25 12:02

With the rapid increase in products and applications by n folds, the software product testing market is also undergoing transformation to align with the disrupting environment. Testing services are increasingly shifting to quality assurance in order to ensure business transformation. The Global software testing market is experiencing changes that is enforcing the move from...

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2015-08-24 12:57

The UK Water Industry, guided by OFWAT, has made considerable progress since its privatization in 1989. The quality of drinking water has vastly improved and the ill effects that wastewater discharges had on the environment has been significantly reduced.  

The latest Asset Management Plan (AMP6) outlined by OFWAT, which would be operational for the duration of 2015-2020, helps companies recalibrate the management of water and sewerage assets, while ensuring that price regulation and enhanced...

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2015-08-20 08:15

When someone visits your website, does the person get what he/she wants? You need to know your site well enough to answer this. Content plays a major role in making your website relevant and popular. I remember that Bill Gates had once said,“Content is King”. I totally agree; because good, usable content boosts communication between users and your website, thus increasing the number of...

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2015-08-20 06:51


What is Service Virtualization?

In software engineering, service virtualization is a method to emulate the behaviour of specific components in heterogeneous component-based applications such as API-driven applications, cloud-based applications and service-oriented architectures. With the emerging Internet of Things (IoT)...

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2015-08-20 05:24

Airlines have always been privy to a lot of personal information concerning their passengers – with data from PNRs, external marketing campaigns, social media feeds, baggage handling, loyalty programs, and other sources. However, much of this data isn’t collaborated or used to its fullest capacity. The additional problems of having numerous identities for a single customer across various servers, just serves to make this process a lot more complex.

Airlines that strive to create a more customer-centric...

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2015-08-18 09:33

The insurance world is witnessing a significant change in the way business is being done. Amidst increasing globalized competition, strict risk and compliance requirements and the ever-changing regulatory landscape, insurance players also face the  daunting task of digitally connecting the customer to the products that are driven by their choices, needs and...

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2015-08-14 05:26

Future workplace is ‘where everything is connected’, ‘where face-to face meetings are not necessarily in inverse relation to collaboration’, ‘where work is not where we go to, but what we do’.  The enterprise workplace of future or mobile workforce is for real and here to stay.

Many progressive enterprises have already embarked on this journey.  With time, it will be the norm instead of the exception. As per industry experts, 96% of millennials are already on social network and 90% the...

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2015-08-03 09:17

Many of us would have heard stories of flying objects, in our childhood. This is now becoming a reality with the advent of Drones. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that may /may not be remotely controlled through software and GPS.

Drones are generally used by Defense organizations for the purpose of monitoring personnel or activities.  In 1990, the U.S. used remote enabled Drones in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Drones for Logistics?

According to a recent survey, 42 per cent...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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