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September 2015 | HCL Technologies

2015-09-23 06:59

Automation is inevitable for any progressive enterprise. It is changing the way one looks at business processes. We have clearly seen an adoption spree of newer, simpler, controlled, and efficient technologies in the recent past. From root to shoot, i.e. from IT infrastructure to applications, a rapid technology shift is being observed.

However, the decision to automate processes needs an...

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2015-09-22 12:34

We often come across appealing slogans around customer satisfaction and are motivated to put in a greater effort to figure out how to improve it. But we often miss the scientific factors behind customer satisfaction. If we use both the art and the science of customer satisfaction, we will get better results. It is an art because it is an application of human creative skills, and it is a science because it is a systematic and logical activity.

But, does customer satisfaction really matter?  Well, I...

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2015-09-22 11:42

This is about Apollo 13. A mission that is considered to be the most successful failure in the history of NASA. A failure, because it could not achieve the mission it was designed for, and a success, because of the most remarkable achievement of bringing the three astronauts back home safely. Hollywood had made a popular movie Apollo 13, and I strongly recommend people watch the movie, which clearly depicts the Apollo 13 accident.

En route to the moon, approximately two hundred thousand miles from Earth...

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2015-09-18 15:00

Last week, the CEO of HCL Technologies, Anant Gupta talked about the emerging contours of the 21st Century Enterprise (21CE) on his LinkedIN Influencer Blog platform. I’ve been fortunate to have had several discussions with him on this subject. In fact, all of us at HCL earnestly believe that the future...

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2015-09-15 06:43

We can no longer deny the ‘digital presence’ in our lives. Right from cognitive machines being used to create personalized experiences with human beings to the astonishing proliferation of wearable devices, we have reached a stage where we feel more than comfortable in letting these digitalized manifestations dictate terms!

And this is just one aspect of a bigger change that has engulfed us. The technological disruption has seeped into the realm of financial matters and is beginning to augment choices...

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2015-09-14 11:30

The situation in financial institutions

The Financial Services market is facing many disruptions in several areas, such as digital, mobile, cloud, alternative payment players, and more that are shaping how banks are/should/will alter their business models to stay relevant and create customer delight. A recent survey by EY suggested that by 2030 the rural-urban divide will shrink in favor of increased urban population, and the aging tech savvy...

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2015-09-10 08:42

The CIOs of the world are facing the pressure of running the show against the backdrop of reducing IT budgets. So much so, that CIOs need to rethink how IT infrastructure services are delivered. To be able to strike a balance between the hindrances created by legacy systems and leverage the advantages of new technology, the new model needs to ensure flexibility. The constituents of this new model should be able to adapt to the changing business needs. For this reason, there is a paradigm shift in...

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2015-09-07 12:30

While the Internet has historically been an important communication channel for traditional computing devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, the much hyped concept of ‘Internet of Things’ refers to a network of non-traditional computer devices connected through the Internet. Gartner predicts that the number of IoT connected devices will increase from 900 million in 2013 to 26 billion in 2020, driven not only by the demand for connected devices but also by lowering cost of sensors and microprocessors...

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2015-09-07 08:04

Not so long ago, application management was considered a cornerstone of an organization’s IT strategy and a key enabler in driving transformation across different functions. It sought to achieve continuous and consistent growth by enabling not only operational efficiency but also key innovations centered on customer management, brand development, supply chain efficiency and R&D.

But led by continuously changing business environment, new approaches and architectures have come into play to deal with...

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2015-09-07 07:14

The only fascinating thing in the world of technology is its sheer rapid advancement and disruptive nature, which keeps transforming the enterprise IT landscape. While some of these technology advancements have lived up to their hype, others quietly faded away.

The latest entrant to join the bandwagon is HYPERCONVERGENCE or Convergence 3.0, to be more precise. As we all know, Datacenter Infrastructure is going through rapid change - the continuous pressure of...

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2015-09-04 07:17

Implications of reform and healthcare transformation:

The healthcare reform, regulatory mandates and increased transparency puts tremendous pressure on health plans to focus on members’ and customers’ needs.

  • Significant opportunities exist for health care companies who can help employers and consumers find the right answers
  • Shift in risk from health insurance companies to consumers and hospitals sharing the risk will require Health Plans to provide greater transparency in cost...
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2015-09-04 06:35

Transport Management System is any technology solution that helps companies efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively move freight from origin to destination, including both planning and execution solutions and...

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2015-09-03 09:24

There was a time when consumer choices were not that complex, walking into a store and choosing a product did not require much decision making and analysis. CPG majors had only each other to counter and fight for shelf space in front of the customer.

The new decade started with the advent of organic foods which has cut deep not only into the profits, but also ate into their revenues and market share considerably. The increasing pace of micro-segmentation amongst customers has put a lot of pressure on...

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2015-09-02 10:11

In the past decade, the migration from traditional software development methodologies (such as the Waterfall and Prototype models) to the Agile Development model has been a major game changer in the software development industry. The advantages of the Agile-driven software development...

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2015-09-02 08:10

There is so much focus on improving release to production cycle in the last 18 months or so. I assume all of us know why?

  1. CD based products are dying and there is more focus on delivering services online
  2. Device explosion has given a lot of focus on building apps and releasing them
  3. The cloud provides a suitable environment to experiment in production and plan your releases based on customer feedback
  4. Technology & Tools helps to build an intelligent continuous...
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2015-09-01 10:47

The stimulus for change

Post crisis, the buying pattern of a banking consumer has changed. There is a growing affinity towards simpler retail banking products, greater functionality, transparency and convenience. So much so, that the consumer is willing to change the service provider for better quality service and efficient self-serving channels. With...

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2015-09-01 09:10

A friend of mine was very worried the other day. His son, based in Toronto, had just informed him that he was transferring his savings from one of Canada’s largest and most established banks to one that had virtually no physical presence. No typical neighborhood branch to walk into, no tellers to interact with over the counter. All transactions would be carried out over the Internet, mobile app or via telephone. He asked if he should stop his son from switching banks as such a “virtual” institution did not...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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