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May 2016 | HCL Technologies

2016-05-27 12:33

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing is a new type of computer chip which promises exponentially faster processing than our current super computers.

BlockChain is secured by a mathematical algorithm that relies on the fact that today's computers can't process data quickly enough to 'hack' an identity on a BlockChain.

Therefore, if quantum computing becomes real, there is a potential weakness in the cryptography systems that underpin security on a BlockChain - as well as our...

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2016-05-27 12:23

Will New Era Cars Benefit Auto Insurers

Telematics-fitted Cars, Cars with cruise control and emergency automatic braking, Driverless cars and what not… the era of continuous innovation in this industry keeps on permeating our day to-day life. While the underlying theme behind each of these focusses around “reducing the number of accidents and promote comfortable/safe driving on the road”, car manufacturers keep on adding “features” that will transfer operational control of the vehicle significantly...

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2016-05-27 11:51

It’s worth noting that the factor triage approach doesn’t cover whether the technology will be successful, only whether the technology will work for a particular circumstance and a particular problem.


Factor One: Identification

Q: Do you need to be 100% sure of who you are transacting with?

Undiscovered fraud typically involves having some inability to recognize participants. These may be entities representing themselves as another entity or hiding the fact a...

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2016-05-27 10:41

Hype is a built-in feature of business technology.

Sometimes, technology impact on business is minimal; Apple releases a new watch, Google designs computerized eyeglasses, Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Sometimes, technology goes unrecognized and then changes the world; the impact of Google’s search engine, iTunes network effect, the rise of the mobile.

Often, the technology comes from established companies recognized for innovation: the Apple iPhone. Just as often, the technology comes from a...

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2016-05-27 07:13

Chances are there was an advert in the newspaper this morning about the launch of a new mobile-based digital payment service by yet another bank. No morning, it seems, can pass without at least one such ad, a promotional post on social media or a television commercial. Can you blame anyone if they begin to equate digital with mobile services? But digital is much more than mobile. Traditional bankers are becoming wise to the larger digital trend and are busy looking around their offices identifying everything...

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2016-05-23 10:38

The global healthcare industry is witnessing a fundamental transformation from being a volume-based business to an outcome-based business. Healthcare payers and providers are struggling to reduce costs, and become more patient-centric. The cost dynamics of the industry are also changing with improved longevity of people, higher number of patients with chronic illness, and increase in geriatric population. At the same time, the industry has been lagging behind the others in adopting technology-enabled process...

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2016-05-23 10:31

Continuing from last blog, we will now be exploring various criteria to chose the right sensor as well as classify sensors for obstacle detection solution.

Criteria to choose the right sensor

With so many choices available in the market from various vendors, it would be really helpful to know from where to start. A good starting point is to know certain features; some of which are listed below:...

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2016-05-23 09:51

IoT refers to the connection of all objects, whether big and small, static or mobile, to the Internet and all the services available there. If you've been in the industry for some time, you'll recognize this as an evolution of embedded and distributed M2M systems that have been building over the course of many years. Now, since we have talked much about the Internet of Things (IoT) let’s talk about one of the...

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2016-05-18 07:34

This second part of a two-part blog series explains how companies are achieving a next-generation supply chain using SAP Integrated Business Planning applications. The first part of this blog series explored the macro factors due to which companies are forced to upgrade their supply chain maturity to the next level and also emphasized on the HCL Responsive Financial and Business Planning framework.

The most asked question by clients interested in SAP Integrated Business Planning is what the...

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2016-05-18 07:25

Traditional supply chains are no longer capable of handling the growing complexity, huge volumes of unstructured and structured data, and a surging appetite for customized products. Companies are hence being pressured to transform their traditional supply chain into a more modern and resilient extended supply and demand network that is instantaneously responsive to a fluctuating market and encompasses a wider range of stakeholders. Historically, supply chain maturity has been defined by aligning sales and...

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2016-05-17 14:13

A Unit Load Device (ULD) is a pallet or a container used to load baggage, cargo or mail on a wide body or some specific narrow body aircrafts.

The growth in wide body aircraft has contributed to increase in ULD usage. As per an IATA approximately 900,000 ULD’s are operational today. With increase in usage, total cost of ULD repair or loss is about $300 million. This cost is excluding cost of aircraft damage, flight delays or cancellations caused by ULD operations.

ULD are the only part of the...

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2016-05-12 10:18

Digital as Customer Experience

The term ‘Digital’ has multiple facets and dimensions, all compatible with each other. Broadly speaking, it can refer either to the new paradigm of Customer Experience (CX) or to an advanced method of agile, lean, and outcome-based software change delivery.

In this blog, we will be concerned only with the former perspective i.e. digital as the new generation CX.

Competitive Context of Digital

The digital shift in Banking has four key influencers...

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2016-05-12 07:02

Business process outsourcing has traditionally been viewed by the corporate sector as a means for businesses to cut down costs and improve profitability. However, in recent years, there has been a remarkable transformation, where BPOs emerged as a value proposition taking centre stage. Technologies such as cloud computing, website analytics, and social media networks have a big role to play in this transformation. Businesses that have a competitive edge in today's scenario are...

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2016-05-09 12:36

Co-authored by - Abha Sharma

The sports industry is now being known as the sports entertainment industry where apart from the on-field entertainment, drama and sports, the business side has taken a long hop. Customer satisfaction and digitalization have also become buzz words.

Realizing this, the sports industry hopes to...

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2016-05-09 10:24



March 14th 2016 is the date on which Microsoft finally unraveled the RTM bits for SharePoint Server 2016, also known as Office Online Server (OOS). There have been a lot of speculations around what will be a part of this upcoming version of SharePoint. This blog will try to get a peek into what has been communicated by Microsoft & other...

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2016-05-09 08:16

What is Unified Communication (UC)? Unified Communication means integration of real-time communication tools such as IP telephony/calls instant messaging/chat, or non-real time tools, such as email/voice-email, fax etc. that help people to exchange ideas and perform their work more effectively. In today's world, most of the people are familiar with Skype calls or the concept of VoIP. Many businesses of all sizes rely on this concept of IP-telephony.

The way we have used communication is changing and is...

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2016-05-06 11:00

BlockChain Implementation Penetration – Part 3

We have previously argued that the BlockChain is being evaluated typically as a replacement for databases. It is our view that in order to understand the impact it will have one has to view the BlockChain as an ecosystem – more akin to the Internet rather than a database.

We highlighted 4 levels of penetration that the Internet went through and suggested that BlockChain has enough similarity to the Internet that it would follow a similar...

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2016-05-06 10:27

BlockChain Implementation Penetration – Part 2

In our previous post we have identified 2 modes of evaluating BlockChain; as a Use Case (typically a database capability) or as an Ecosystem. We have suggested that evaluating BlockChain as a use case is a flawed approach which misses the impact BlockChain will have as an ecosystem.

Once one considers BlockChain as a disruptive network platform rather than a technology implementation, understanding its impact becomes more approachable....

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2016-05-06 10:09

BlockChain Implementation Penetration – Part 1

The general approach to evaluating the BlockChain is to examine where efficiencies can be found by BlockChain implementation – a Use Case approach.

This is normally within trade finance, global payments, settlements and clearing or other problem area where large numbers of third parties are involved in a transaction.

The usual findings are as follows:

  • BlockChain requires multiple organisations to be on the BlockChain...
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2016-05-04 14:50

AIBusiness recently interviewed Kalyan Kumar, Executive Vice President and CTO for ITO and Digital at HCL Technologies. HCL Technologies are a thriving multinational IT services company, with offices in 32 countries and operations across a wide range of industries.

At The AI Summit in London on 5 May, Kalyan will join three fellow AI experts on the Closing Keynote Plenary Panel to discuss the practical challenges of implementing AI in business...

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