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August 2016 | HCL Technologies

2016-08-31 09:03

Now-a-days, web addresses with non-ASCII characters are in fashion. In this blog, we will discuss about non-ASCII characters web addresses and how it actually works. I will explain by using examples based on HTML and HTTP.

What is the purpose of I18n URLs?

As of now, web addresses are using URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) and its syntax defined in RFC 3986 STD 66, which don’t allow for large numbers of characters and use only upper and lower case letters of the English alphabet, European...

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2016-08-31 08:43

A user manual is a technical communication document intended to give assistance to people using a particular system. (NataliiaVasylyna, 2011)

An Interactive user manual (IUM), with step by step instruction using text, graphics animations or videos, helps to enhance the user experience. It is a tool which can assist the users by displaying the content visually during troubleshooting operations, regular maintenance, initial set up, or for imparting training. It is a powerful tool which can be utilized in...

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2016-08-30 07:33

What is Performance Optimization?

Performance is a feature which means how quickly you deliver your content to users. It deals with the process which makes your page’s interaction and rendering as smooth as possible. It is directly proportional to generating revenues and business.

  1. Strategy

    There are 2 major strategies involved in Performance optimization: Bottom up and top down strategy

    1. BOTTOM UP Strategy


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2016-08-29 12:40

With the imminent success of cloud operations and virtualization in the data centre and application world, now the focus has shifted to the networks to be virtualized and to leverage cloud infrastructure as common base. As the acceptance of 'Softwarisation' of Network Gears or function gradually sets in, virtualization of network features and gears is on rise. However, the big promise of network...

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2016-08-29 11:41


Nowadays, several applications are used by users in different domains. In such a case, issues pertaining to software failure, malfunction or server crash, leads to a huge data loss. To overcome such scenarios, users can use Event viewer, a Windows application, used for viewing events that occur on respective desktops in case of a software failure or a server crash.

Event viewer as an application

Event viewer consists of basic five types of event logs. These are:

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2016-08-24 09:49

One may argue that with the advent of cloud and virtualization, Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is losing its relevance. In this dynamic technology landscape, complexity is one of the factors driving systems like CMDB to verge of extinction. Let us look at why organizations could not use CMDB efficiently in spite of its benefits it offers and consider whether using a graph database for building CMDB can help overcome these challenges.

The first question that needs an answer is what is CMDB:...

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2016-08-24 08:43

This is heralding a new revolution, which is spearheaded by a mega trend that is getting enabled by several technology evolutions that businesses cannot afford to ignore anymore – Internet of Things (IoT).

Consumer IoT – Only Tip of the Iceberg!

Gartner predicts the IoT to drive a global economic...

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2016-08-24 08:36

I took my daughter (a millennial) out to the shopping mall the other day and I must say, it was quite an experience to observe how different her generation approaches the market with very different expectations from the brands and products they consider.

With short attention span, spoilt with unlimited choices and more informed than I could ever have been, she revealed to me the characteristics of the digital age customer.

This got me thinking – can businesses still living in the 20th century...

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2016-08-22 08:37

Customer support organizations across industries today, regardless of them being in B2B or B2C space, are going through a rapid transformation. End-user and enterprise customers-alike are demanding a much faster response time than ever, to the point that can only be serviced by an automated process. Reducing turn-around time (TAT) and mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR) along with the total cost of operation (TCO) while maintaining CSAT has been the highest order imperative for support organizations.


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2016-08-22 07:47

Today, customized user experiences and burgeoning demands are two major expectations from customers in an As-a-Service economy. As a consequence, the same anticipations have been building up for the technology sector.

In this context, Cognitive Product Support could unleash a number of far-reaching impacts.

Major high-tech firms are now turning their attention to the application of artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies to engineer an innovative enterprise architecture.


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2016-08-22 06:46

“IoT.” “Hmm what’s the deal?”

The world is spewing data as we speak, and at times we might even wonder whether most of it makes any sense. Mobility, Analytics & Cloud sure help make businesses efficient, but many observers perceive Internet of Things (IoT) technology as yet another way of collecting more information on customers, and leverage it to sell even more offerings to them. Eminent publications like...

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2016-08-17 12:08

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has spread through the logistics field in fits and starts.

One of the largest "starts" came in 2003, when a retailing giant mandated that its top sellers prepare to tag shipments of pallets and cases with the small electronic chips. Although many suppliers rushed to comply, the dream of achieving inventory accuracy and labor savings soon ran into the harsh reality of high...

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2016-08-16 09:50

Automation is quickly becoming one of the most attractive technological tools. There is a deep desire within enterprises to automate everything. They love the images of precision and speed it conjures.

Automation is seen as the short route to process accuracy, access to process execution at scale without a linear increase in costs, and a lowered dependence on expensive talent. This is exciting, but automation is also extremely...

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2016-08-12 09:39

Towards a large-scale transformational curve

Natural language processing (NLP) is a boon for businesses across industries like finance, law, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, and energy – industries on the lookout for intelligent and comprehensive solutions for automation and orchestration of tasks.


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2016-08-12 09:24

Orchestration: Importance and Use Cases

XaaS Environment, Composite Service

A service in the service catalog may be composed of multiple functions and requires cloud orchestration across multiple service providers for delivery/fulfillment. We see these examples in business all the time. Travel service providers, for example, offer multiple services such as airline, hotel and car rental bookings. In IT operations, especially in XaaS models like PaaS and SaaS, provisioning requires cloud...

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2016-08-12 09:20

Information technology as a dynamic industry has developed its own extensive lexicon with an even larger proliferation of acronyms. When everyday language is employed to explain niche concepts in IT, a deeper understanding is required to articulate the meaning being conveyed. The same can be said of orchestration and choreography, two otherwise innocuous words in everyday life, which belies a crucial significance in IT operations.

In this paper we shall provide our interpretation of these two...

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2016-08-11 10:12

The proposal of Department of Labor (DOL) the definition of Fiduciary under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) will have significant impact to the advice landscape around 401K and will have great effect for retail distribution channels generally when it comes to effect in April 2017

The advisors who typically represent an Insurer advise customers on number of things like investments, retirement plans, education plans etc. At times, the advisors can direct the advice towards unnecessary...

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2016-08-10 10:35

The functioning of an enterprise begins with the strategic planning process. Post the strategic planning exercise every organization goes through the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. While strategic planning tells an organization what to do, S&OP tells them how to do things.

The S&OP process is called high level planning. It predominantly synchronizes and balances the Demand, Supply, and Inventory (DSI) side of an organization. Post S&OP, the production planning process...

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2016-08-10 09:20

Imagine a road where we have only one entry and one return, how simple and how easy it would be to manage the traffic and chaos. Now, replace the same scenario in the world of software coding, and replace the entry and exit statement in the function with cars on the road. Similar to the road with multiple entry and exit points, the software code with multiple entry and return will also become tough to manage and lead to much chaos, and the only way to avoid the chaos is to use a single entry and exit in a...

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2016-08-10 08:54

Embedded systems have become an integral part of our daily life. Be it a cell phone, a TV, a music player, healthcare devices, or the electronics in an automobile - these systems have been touching and easing our lives like never before.

Applications of Embedded systems span across various sectors in our day-to-day life.

Major Applications of Embedded Systems

Fig. 1: Major application...

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2016-08-10 04:25

As the business landscape is undergoing a transformation in the modern, uncertain market scenario, businesses that innovate their management strategies are the best equipped to combat future challenges, and gain and maintain leadership. Institutionalized innovation can be achieved by harnessing the often-neglected source of innovation – the employee base of an organization. By identifying this key resource and designing work environment and processes conducive for innovation, HCL has institutionalized...

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2016-08-02 11:32

In this digital age, technology is at the heart of just about everything. It enables humans to value and to violate each other’s rights in profound new ways. The explosion in online communication and commerce is creating more opportunities for cybercrime. We still can't reliably establish one another's identities or trust one another to transact or exchange money without validation from a third party like a bank or a government. Trust is a major challenge, and understanding blockchain technology is the first...

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2016-08-02 11:16

The transformation at the gates

In an era of widespread digitalization, organizations are consistently striving to offer evolved experiences to their customers. Businesses must therefore try and adopt a revolutionary new approach – become 21st Century Enterprises characterized by ‘experience-centricity, agility, service and outcome based orientation’.

Thus, modern product ecosystems are marked by a plethora of factors: faster product rollouts, truncated product lifecycles, disruptive...

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2016-08-02 05:43

The emergence of over-the-top (OTT) over the last few years has been substantial and well-documented across leading industry publications. Globally, there has been a major shift in consumption modes, with users preferring to stream dynamic content through OTT services instead of traditional cable or satellite TV subscriptions. The...

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