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September 2016 | HCL Technologies

2016-09-26 11:45

Competing in the dynamic and global business environment with the support of traditional supply chain execution systems is getting increasingly more difficult as customer expectations and pricing pressures continue to rise. That is why and where analytics is poised for growth. As per the report by SCM World, 64% of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive technology.


However, only 17% of...

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2016-09-26 10:41

In the recently published Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2016’, one of the key technology trends listed is ‘The Platform Revolution’, which is changing the way how platforms are defined and used. It represents a shift from the technical infrastructure to the ecosystem—enabling platforms which form the basis of new digital business models. Blockchain is one of the key platform-enabling technologies that has hit the peak of its hype cycle. Understanding blockchain technology can provide answers...

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2016-09-26 09:58

With most pharmaceutical companies’ research and development (R&D) department struggling at the time, 90% of drugs that make it to the clinical testing stage are failing. The inefficiencies of the R&D process have also extended the average time to market for new medicines to anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

Faced with these pressing challenges, pharma organizations are looking to revamp their research value chain expediting product innovation and strengthening molecule pipelines at the...

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2016-09-23 08:45

Imagine shopping for items online, adding them to your cart, and setting up an appointment with the store sales executive. By the time you arrive at the store, your dressing room is stocked with the items you had chosen. The sales personnel has also added some similar items by consulting your past shopping history, and some of them are even on discount.

The dressing room has a wall-length touchscreen which lets you browse additional items on the store catalog. If an outfit doesn’t fit you, you can...

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2016-09-23 08:29

Obstacles and Adversities – Roadblocks to Universal Acceptance

While SAP S/4HANA is recognized for its ability to create refined user experiences, drive simplification, and assist in digitization, the application has met with a degree of uncertainty from some organizations.

Findings from a HCL-commissioned insiderRESEARCH survey of SAP end users (with a minimum of $1 billion in revenues) reveal that indecision persists among several companies, with 60% of respondents still not committed to an...

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2016-09-23 07:09

SAP S/4HANA – Architecting a Gateway of Value

The next-generation business suite, SAP S/4HANA, is geared to initiate landmark changes through its disruptive and game-changing technology that has taken companies from all industries by storm. Built with an intent to simplify, SAP S/4HANA promises to transform critical business processes in finance, marketing, procurement, supply chain, and practically every other line...

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2016-09-19 12:42

Understanding blockchain technology is crucial, as on a blockchain bitcoin movement across the network is permanently stamped from the moment of its coinage. For a bitcoin to be valid, it must reference its own history as well as the history of the blockchain. Each bitcoin contains direct links to its genesis block and all subsequent transactions. Therefore, the blockchain must be preserved in its entirety. So important are the processes of mining— assembling a block of transactions, spending some resources,...

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2016-09-19 11:39

We have seen that FinTechs are redefining the business and posing tough competition for establishments like banks and other financial institutions. In my previous blog I highlighted the drawbacks of existing as standalone player. Since each one’s strengths compliments other’s weaknesses, it is only logical for FinTech and Financial Institutions to come together and collaborate. Playing and competing against each other is going to hurt FinTechs and financial institutions alike. Most will perform well by finding...

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2016-09-19 07:36

This second part of a two-part blog series explains about the Ripple Protocol and how it is different from other similar technologies. The first part of this blog series explored the concept of Distributed Ledger Technology and its role in enabling the digitalization of real money.

Though a lot has been already written on Blockchain, I would like to focus on a similar DLT technology called the Ripple Protocol. Ripple is a new global payment open network—it does for...

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2016-09-19 06:52

Realizing value – SAP S/4HANA and its transformational capabilities

The recently developed, completely new, business suite from SAP has steadily gained traction since its launch in February 2015. By October of the same year, the number of customers of the new product had exceeded 1,300.

In part 1 of this blog post, “Create value for your business with SAP HANA or S/4HANA,” we discussed the benefits, and impacts of a SAP S/4HANA migration. While the migration to S/4HANA may present some of...

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2016-09-16 07:33

The launch of SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA) has meant that SAP's customers must take a leap of faith. SAP, which emphasized the benefits of the new suite, has given customers insights into how the next generation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system will meet their business demands. Using SAP S/4HANA, organizations can reduce the complications of their SAP landscapes with the streamlined, centralized suite running on the in-memory SAP HANA platform. Yes, this may look good at face value,...

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2016-09-16 07:20

There is a lot going on in the Financial Services industry. One thing that every Financial Institution and Technology provider keep discussing alike in their board meetings and presentations is about the revolutionizing FinTech sector – What is the FinTech strategy? Is there a potential business threat from an existing or upcoming FinTech player? Are we launching FinTech suite of products and services, is there a collaboration strategy etc.? Guess there...

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2016-09-16 07:14

We are in an age where information is the new currency. Information can easily be shared and made available to anyone and everyone without much limitation using the internet. If information sharing and access can be made easy, so can the real currency. And this leads us to technologies like Blockchain and Ripple Protocol that allow money/currency to be available, transacted, exchanged, and managed with ease and without the intervention of intermediaries.

Way back in the 90s, when the internet was...

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2016-09-16 07:14

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) today operate in a highly disruptive marketplace, characterized by rapid technological innovation and intense price wars. Subscriber churn remains a major challenge as customer demands continue to evolve in an increasingly complex digital landscape. Traditional retention strategies will no longer suffice.

How can telecommunication, cable and broadband companies then respond effectively? By embracing data analytics to enhance engagement with prospective and existing...

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2016-09-15 12:09

Enterprises worldwide are moving towards a fused and permeable future as business processes become digital in nature.

In fact, business processes are in a state of comprehensive overhaul even as concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud have become commonplace. Ideal examples of this wave of digital transformation are organizations like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook, which were essentially born digital.

However, the challenge lies with organizations that possess legacy...

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2016-09-15 10:38

The global financial system serves billions of people, processes trillions of dollars and supports a global economy worth more than $100 trillion.

Today, when a customer taps his or her credit card on a card reader to buy a Nero coffee, money passes through no fewer than five different intermediaries before reaching Nero's bank account. The transaction takes seconds to clear but days to settle. As the former CEO of Citigroup, Vikram Pandit said, "The advent of technology essentially took paper-based...

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2016-09-15 09:20

We keep hearing about predictive analysis, deep learning, cognitive computing, machine learning etc. and thanks to Stephen Spielberg, most of us are familiar with the term artificial intelligence (AI).  What is so important about these concepts and how can they affect our professional (or personal) lives? Given the pace of change and the potential for disruption, these technologies are definitely something to watch out for.

At one time, we literally needed a screwdriver to program a computer-...

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2016-09-12 06:42

Every organization is relying on collected data for getting insights through customer data analytics and alter the product strategy accordingly. But to really know your customers the first question organizations should ask is what are they doing wrong while analyzing data.

Are organizations using big data effectively?

Customers are connecting with companies digitally in all manner of ways these days, both personally via the Internet and with the devices and products they use—their phones, cars...

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2016-09-07 07:28

It’s almost ironic that you’re reading this article, with that title, on a digital medium. In the past few years, Internet has transformed our world in ways few of us could have thought of. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we transact, the way we shop, the way we conduct business, and - even the way we date. Marketing in particular has benefited tremendously from the new and innovative means made available through online and offline marketing to aid companies in pursuits for mindshare, customer...

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2016-09-07 06:24

Expectations versus Service Dilemma

At the end of a long but comfortable airline journey, imagine waiting for your luggage at the conveyor belt, only to be the last one standing. At the claims counter, as the staff try ineffectively to trace your goods, your anger and sense of helplessness can only mount. Even if you had been upgraded to first-class during the flight just taken, you would probably rate this as one of your worst airline experiences. And why not?

As digitalized offerings connect...

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2016-09-07 05:40

My first blog covered in detail the need for an IoT strategy and how can you fully realize the value of IoT .This is the second part of my blog where we will discuss the approach for architecting your IoT strategy.

IoT Adoption – Together we Can!

To drive IoT adoption the real focus should be on connecting capital-intensive physical infrastructure or assets, such as plants, hospital equipment, electric grids, field vehicles and pipelines....

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2016-09-05 10:59

As we all know that Behavior Driven Development is an agile software development technique which helps in building functionality incrementally as per its expected behavior. It is like describing behavior in a business understandable language. It is an extension of TDD.

Complex scenarios are required to be understood by all the stakeholders like BA’s, developers, QAs etc to ensure that the product is built right. BDD helps in preventing the gaps which appear between the stakeholders and it takes into...

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2016-09-05 10:49

Card sorting is a UX design technique in which a group of SMEs or users provide inputs, based on which, the information architecture is defined. It is also used to evaluate the information architecture. Typically, the participants are asked to organize a set of cards into categories that seem logical to them. Participants can also be asked to name these groups to create a Folksonomy (User defined Taxonomy).

Card sorting helps us understand users’ perception of the information space. It is a...

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2016-09-05 10:28

Myth 1: Breaking monolithic to smaller services is Microservice

Let’s get a basic understanding on what is a microservice, to break this myth. To quote one of the popular definition from Martin Fowler,

“Microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms, often an HTTP resource API. These services are built around business capabilities and independently...

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2016-09-05 09:36

Digital publishing, comprises a plethora of online platforms, through which the end user can directly consume interactive and engaging content.

Therefore, from an enterprise point of view, digital publishing could serve as a vibrant and lucrative avenue for attracting and retaining consumers.

The year 2015 ushered in a new era in digital publishing, thanks to the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Beta program, the acquisition of Recode by Vox Media, and Facebook’s Instant Articles platform....

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2016-09-05 09:21

How book publishers can leverage metadata to creatively package and distribute content in engaging formats for various reader segments

The Internet continues to disintermediate traditional value chains across multiple industries, disrupting conventional business models. The book publishing sector is no exception to this trend, as pure-play online content distribution platforms facilitate enhanced reader choice and convenience, eating into incumbents’ market share and margins.

The medium-...

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2016-09-05 09:10

How M&E companies can build an agile, integrated IT backbone that fosters enhanced customer centricity

Change is the only constant. A cliché that is ever more relevant today for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry. Technology disruptions, growing consumer appetite for ‘easy to access and consume’ content, and heightening competition, are driving paradigm shifts in content development...

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