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October 2016 | HCL Technologies

2016-10-26 13:01

89% of organizations expect to compete primarily on customer experience by 2016
Gartner Research, 2015

Poor customer experiences result in an estimated $83 billion loss by US enterprises each year because of defections and abandoned purchases.
  Forbes, 2013

Only 24% of the companies measure Customer Experience (CX) across channels while the rest measure either at one such touch point....

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2016-10-25 07:21

Connecting systems, people, processes, and things has become a key business imperative today. Therefore, the technologies that facilitate this integration are fast emerging as the #1 priority for most CIOs and CTOs. The recent buzz around ESB Enterprise Service Bus is therefore quite natural. However, this buzz is matched by the ambiguity with which the term is defined. This blog is an attempt to give you an overview of the basic terminologies, architecture, ESB functions, and different implementations around...

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2016-10-24 05:16

Retailers can boost margins and customer engagement by focusing on multi channel retailing via select strategic channels, based on in-depth understanding of buyers, their journeys as well as unique business strengths

Over the decades, retailing has been a tough business to be in, typically offering thin margins. You and many of your peers around the U.S. have traditionally competed on price, economies of scale, or product range, to cite a few key dimensions of brand positioning.


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2016-10-19 05:04

If we aren’t using Continuous Integration (CI) with our automated testing setup, we’re really missing out on something big.  In my honest opinion, CI with automated tests is today a game-changer in Test Automation.

One of the basic principles of Continuous Integration is that a build should be verifiable. One should be able to objectively determine whether a particular build is ready to proceed to the next stage of the process, and the most efficient way to do this is by using automated tests....

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2016-10-18 06:34

AI Business spoke with Kalyan Kumar, Executive Vice President, and CTO – ITO and Digital at HCL Technologies and the global leader of the DRYiCE business unit, ahead of The AI Summit in San Francisco on September 28 and 29.

HCL is a multinational IT services company with offices in 32 countries and operations that span a wide range of industries. Its offering, DRYiCE, is an open platform enabling enterprise-wide process automation built for the digital era.


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2016-10-17 14:00

You ask for “Marketing Automation” and you will have 7.2 million ideas. You ask “What it is” and 45K individuals will be ready with their answers.

But the one I found most relevant is –

“Marketing automation is a powerful tool for brands as it allows them to create a rich profile of their audience and use targeted marketing messages to help drive conversions.” –

Of the many use cases, a popular and tangible one...

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2016-10-14 12:11

As digitally empowered customers engage with a growing number of touchpoints, marketing professionals are scrambling ‘to be where the customers are’. The sheer number and variety of channels have increased manifold, pushing the limits of traditional marketing approaches and tactics that are no longer able to ensure higher customer satisfaction, revenue benefits, or an enduring competitive advantage. The future of any customer-centric global organization is now dependent on the marketer’s capability to integrate...

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2016-10-14 06:49

What is Managed Engineering Services?

The landscape of engineering services has changed considerably over the past few decades. Firms are increasingly getting competitive and are trying to increase their global footprint. In order to develop a competitive advantage, they are concentrating more on their core activities. In order to cope up, there is an increased focus on cost reduction, which has in turn, led to the emergence of outsourcing strategies.

Companies are looking to be agile, lean,...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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