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November 2016 | HCL Technologies

2016-11-30 11:42

The emerging landscape

Across the board, enterprises are striving to action widespread innovation that improves customer engagement and empowers sustainable growth. Large companies, at the same time, continue to globalize their operations in a bid to reduce costs and capture new markets.

Additionally, mergers and acquisitions are some of the other ways new business units are being added to existing companies.

In this dynamic environment, it’s important for firms to...

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2016-11-30 11:34

The world is changing, so are the needs of the people living here. There was a time when we all got united to fight against racial discrimination. Then, the baton was moved to fight against discrimination based on nationalities and we found a multi-cultural globalized work environment. Moving forward, we began a movement for women empowerment to embark on an era of equality in the professional world. Now is the time that we must make efforts to make our products and services accessible to people with...

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2016-11-25 06:39

Co-authored by Abhishek Bansal

How amusing would it be if a game was not restricted to your television screen, but covered the entire space and walls of your living room? Not only this, you would be able to interact with the characters of virtual reality video games, play with them, and even change the storyline.


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2016-11-23 12:12

Challenge and change

With a series of changes sweeping through the business landscape, the cloud is rapidly transforming into a major revolutionary force. In response, organizations are proactively adopting the cloud, driven by a plethora of benefits – scale, scope, economic advantages, speed, agility, infinite elasticity, flexibility, and innovation.

Additionally, most enterprises have either moved their data centers to the cloud or are planning to make the change because of the proliferation...

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2016-11-11 09:03

Many analysts forecast the global IT spending in cold chain logistics market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) surpassing 8% during the forecast period, according to a report published by  Global cold chain forum”.

The esearch study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global IT spending in cold chain logistics market for 2016 through 2020. Based on topography, it considered the following regions: Asia and Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and...

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2016-11-11 05:54

Tapping the B2B Opportunity: How Telecom Operators Can Harness the Internet of Things to Grow Revenues and Boost Brand Loyalty

Telecom operators worldwide today face shrinking margins and growing subscriber churn in their consumer-focused business, amid increasing competition from over-the-top communication service providers (CSPs). To ensure sustained relevance in a fast-evolving marketplace, telcos need to move beyond just providing connectivity and security services.


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2016-11-02 09:58

Co-author:Abhishek Ramavat

What it means for You and Your Customers?

The European Union (EU) has been at the forefront of ensuring data security for the citizens of its member states, ensuring that the right to privacy is a highly evolved field of law in Europe.

Further consolidating the EU’s data-protection firepower is the recently issued Further consolidating the EU’s data-protection firepower is the recently...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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