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December 2016 | HCL Technologies

2016-12-23 10:08

Co-author- Mayank Babu Rastogi

Various studies have exhibited that there is a wide-ranging agreement to the fact that security is the foremost barricade in the adoption of IoT. Before diving into IoT security, let us first understand why we can’t use age-old security solutions in IoT.

IoT systems have got some specific characteristics. They are inclined to possess a...

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2016-12-22 06:47

Recently, cybersecurity has gained a lot of importance in the Avionics industry. Ever since the attack on Malaysian Airlines MH370 flights, the cyber security experts have focused their attention on the Avionics. The cyber threats in the airlines industry can be far more dangerous and detrimental when compared to any other industry, considering their economic impact, damage of property and media, psychological...

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2016-12-21 10:58

“The risk of investing too late in smart machines is likely greater than the risk of investing too soon.” – Gartner

The disruptive investing landscape

The anticipated global wealth upsurge, owing to the increasing number of millionaires and unprecedented growth of the middle class, is urging wealth management incumbents to adopt disruptive technologies to stay competitive.  

Digital technology is transforming the investing landscape and there’s an accompanying shift...

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2016-12-21 06:43

Co-author- Sriram Santhanakrishnan

We’re living in the world of mobile applications with roughly 5 million apps developed, for 2 billion smartphone users reaching 200+ billion app downloads. We enjoy the convenience of booking a cab, ordering grocery, food, selecting a dress, reading the newspaper, navigation, bill payments, e-learning, and so on right from our fingertips. Mobile communications (m-sites and apps) have become ubiquitous,...

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2016-12-20 07:00

Co-authored by : Maheswara Poothireddy

Current Aircraft Composite Materials

Before talking about the current composite materials, let me first explain what composite material means. A composite material is nothing but a union of two or more unrelated materials which combines to impart their best properties which a single constituent cannot give, or rather we should say that they form a team to give their best...

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2016-12-19 06:52

Co-author: Sayani Ghosh

From “Good to Have” to “Must Have”

88% of Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955 have disappeared by 2014.

Forbes reports that fifty years ago, the life expectancy of a Fortune 500 firm was 75 years and today it is less than 15 years and declining. Whether it is a Consumer Electronics company that has realized that it is more about content and interaction than hardware...

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2016-12-16 09:37

Co-author: Maniappan Rajagopalan

The core challenge for most organizations undertaking an analytics project, is quantifying the return on investment (RoI). A number of methodologies are used for other projects such as feasibility analysis, payback time etc., however, it becomes very difficult to pick the right methodology for an analytics project.

Traditionally, projects related to BI have seen a fair degree of success,...

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2016-12-15 11:23

Co-authored by Naveena Penikalapatu

Cyber age – this is an era where everything around us is digitalised and all that is digitalised is interconnected by the phenomenon of ‘Internet of Things’. In such a scenario, data has gained importance like never before and securing data is as important as making it accessible.

Today, cybercrime has become a popular phrase in the world. Public organizations and private business enterprises...

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2016-12-14 11:45

Co-author:Ankit Shah

Whenever we talk about enterprises coming out with a new product which addresses some of the key needs of end-user, there are apprehensions about the usability of the product. There are questions around to what extent the users will have to adapt to these products, through what channels the customer can raise their queries, and how do you enable the internal support teams to identify the issues in the shortest possible...

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2016-12-14 10:24

Traditionally, BI’s functions involved gathering requirements from stakeholders, identifying attributes that would address the needs identified, and modeling data accordingly. However, from source applications, only a portion of data is transferred to the data warehouse and is transformed for reporting purposes. It is also established that data transformations negate raw data’s impact on analytics. As a result, the traditional approach of using partial data for reporting must be scrutinized.

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2016-12-13 07:30

Co-authored by Saratchandra Kakarla

With billions of devices across the world getting connected to the internet and communicating with each other, there are large volumes of data being generated every hour. While IoT enabled the collection of data of real significance in ways that were not possible before, analytics is what made it possible to extract the true value from it,...

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2016-12-12 09:06

Whenever a new product is to be developed or an existing product is revamped, most of the teams try to cram every feature provided by various competitors into their product. But, to stay ahead of the competition, we need to add value to our product by generating new ideas. Yet, very few teams generate new ideas, perhaps because Ideation is a risky business. New ideas can either turn out to be “Game Changers” or end up being shelved. But this does not mean that we play it safe and include features that are “...

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2016-12-08 11:31

The business landscape as it stands

Architecting an enterprise platform is a complex process - requiring considerable investment by organization. Additionally, the acquisition of MPP appliances such as Teradata, Exadata, Netezza and Greenplum, which help process voluminous data and expedite query performance, involves further outlays. BI layer is one of the key components of an Enterprise Platform. The traditional BI layer comprises of data sources (involving a robust...

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2016-12-08 10:02

Without a question, innovation has become a vital tool in this highly competitive world where success and survival are at stake for existing businesses and startups. Knowing the fact that ‘Innovation’ is so important, can we really infuse creativity or innovation to a person or business? Wouldn’t it has been great if creativity and innovation could have been produced on demand? If you think, it is impossible, well! Then you need to familiarize yourself with Design Thinking.


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2016-12-07 08:30

The Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) are constantly challenged by the dynamic needs of the digital savvy customers and an increase in competition from non-telco players. The network and IT assets were inherited with very high capital investments and it demands heavy operations budget to keep the services alive and attractive.

The continuous investments in various transformation journeys by TSPs included technology refresh and pursuits for operational efficiency enhancement to stay in the race, if not...

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2016-12-06 08:26

The usage and impact of Engineering Analytics across the product development lifecycle stages (Design, Test, Sustenance, and Support) is well understood and articulated.

How about looking at:

What are the possible avenues of Engineering Analytics benefits reaching the end-customers?


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2016-12-05 06:36

Success for bowlers in cricket is to consistently bowl at the right areas, right length, and right line. Product support too follows a similar paradigm; it’s all about positive consistency with respect to Response Time, Quality, and Customer satisfaction.

CONSISTENCY is the differentiating factor.


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2016-12-01 06:20

Present day Industry & its complexities

In the present era of extremely fast changing technologies, it becomes necessary to be up to date. The demand of the present moment is to keep pace with the fast moving world by using latest technologies before they turn obsolete by another newer one. Updates, upgrades, and the introduction of new devices or services is a normal phenomenon of the present hour.

In the connected world in which we live, every second matters. Thus, there is a huge...

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