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January 2017 | HCL Technologies

2017-01-31 08:48

Much has been written about Blockchain and the disruption bitcoin currency can bring to financial services and other industries. However, it may also be important to evaluate the relevance & positioning of Blockchain in the promised “digital” space.

Let’s start our discussion on bitcoin currency by defining ‘experience’ in a digital world. We...

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2017-01-30 18:03

Co-author:Srinivasa Samudrala

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Internet of Things have been making great strides in both technology maturity and user adoption in the last couple years and will continue to do so. Tech Giants have invested heavily in building IoT platforms and OEMs have launched AR/VR headsets providing some very unique...

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2017-01-30 09:46

The Dynamic Risk-Technology Landscape

Rapid technological advancements brings with them a fair share of woes. On one hand, banking systems have vastly improved due to faster processes, and on the other, incidences of money laundering, compliance violations, and fraudulent practices are rampant. The rise of such notoriety demands that 21st century enterprises review their security and financial crime management systems.

Organizations need to embrace more enterprising and flexible...

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2017-01-30 06:58

Co-author:Aravind Mahendran

The business landscape is witnessing a wave of transformation – organizations are now ‘going digital’ and adopting advanced technologies such as Cloud and IoT. Consequently, this is leading to a rise of new and unfamiliar security requirements.

Digital frameworks such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) connect several applications on a single stream – this makes them more...

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2017-01-27 06:50

Co-author: Karthik Thayumanasamy

Technology has completely transformed our daily lives in ways which were once unimaginable. The computers in our pockets are more powerful than the one NASA used to put a man on the moon. However, while these advancements have definitely enriched our lives, when it comes to inclusivity technology has barely scratched the surface. In spite of all promises for a better tomorrow, we are yet to achieve a...

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2017-01-27 06:01

Co-author: Ramu P.

Where did design thinking originate? More importantly, where is it headed? In this Long Read, we take a close look at the evolution of design thinking from a niche activity to a large-scale practice.

How Design Thinking Has Evolved

There’s no documented history of design thinking. Despite the contributions of designers and creators over the years, there was, as such, no...

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2017-01-25 10:35

What motivates employees to take an extra step for organizational success beyond their duties? It’s the recognition more than anything else which drives them accomplishing the common goal. The taste of such recognition goes at par when it directly comes from CEO. Something very similar happened, last Friday, when President and CEO of HCL Technologies Ltd posted on meme (an internal social networking platform at HCL). He admired the contributions of Ideapreneurs...

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2017-01-25 09:54

When optimists and pessimists were fighting over the glass, the opportunist solved the puzzle saying the glass is 100% full – half with water and the rest with air.

Similarly, traditional businesses are often busy with making a choice between the qualified, and the experienced. Here too the puzzle can be solved by opting for a balance – the best is to have qualified employees who have the right experience.

So, I would like to introduce you to the world of accessibility engineering- disability...

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2017-01-25 08:13

I am sure fellow practitioners would have had to deal with the question of ‘Time to Market’ at various points in time during pre-sales, solutioning, implementation and support. Typically, Agile methodologies are used to handle the time to the market issue by ensuring that MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) are created and set of MVPs make a VP (Viable Product). So what that means is if we had a solution that would take say 6 months (traditional SDLC) to build we break it down to 6 sprints of 4 weeks each and...

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2017-01-25 06:14

In my pre-event blog - ‘Improving the State of the World  - I dwelt on discussion areas, key movements, and suggested outcomes for the 47th World Economic Forum (WEF).

As I ponder on the multiple scenarios that found articulation at the forum and sieve through a gamut of considerations, I believe a future trend holds significant potential: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tour-de-force; a revolutionary...

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2017-01-17 11:42

How retailers can leverage mobile technologies to effectively orchestrate the customer journey, thereby boosting in-store traffic and conversions, as well as customer experience, and in turn, strengthen loyalty

As ecommerce continues to push the envelope in customer experience, and grab more market share, brick and mortar retailers face an existential crisis of sorts today....

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2017-01-17 10:07

Rising security and backup concerns along with the ever-evolving customer expectations to experience non-disruptive services are rapidly changing the way data is stored today. The challenges of storing data in a reliable way has given impetus to the Storage Industry and the key players that have emerged are NetApp, HP, EMC, Hitachi and IBM.

To know what NetApp does, let's understand a few terms.

  1. Redundant Array of Drives (RAID) - Multiple drives in a computer, so that the...
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2017-01-17 08:52

The semiconductor industry lives by the simple creed of – smaller, faster, better, and as a result, is always in a state of constant flux. The disruptive ‘fabless –foundry’ business model, that evolved almost 4 decades ago, opened the doors for rapid growth of the industry in the last few decades. However, more recently, new dynamics have started impacting the industry.

The end of Moore’s law

For decades, the semiconductor foundries have been the torch bearers of the Moore’s law, implementing...

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2017-01-17 06:55

A number of concerns have emerged regarding the traditional BI environment, as voiced by stakeholders:

  • Lack of data integrity, including quality and governance
  • Absence of data integration, as silos are available but an enterprise view is restricted
  • Delays in availability of data (time to market)
  • Absence of all data, as only data from reporting requirements are captured
  • Inability to mix and match with external data
  • Extensive time to market from...
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2017-01-16 07:22

Visualising My Journey to Davos-Klosters and Association with the World Economic Forum

For corporate executives like me, it’s always enticing to get associated with platforms that focus on the betterment of the world. As I get ready to fly out to Davos-Klosters to attend the 47th World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, I am excited about navigating the future with leaders and delegates from 71 countries across the globe. They are all connected with a common cause: A cause of...

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2017-01-13 09:51

More than ever before, we are living in a world that is being transformed and disrupted. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and while people across the planet enthusiastically embrace the new convergence between the physical, digital and biological worlds, there is also uncertainty and apprehension. Businesses find themselves trailing in the pace of change. Not surprisingly, business leaders are searching for new rules, new mantras of success.

Watching this transition up close and personal, from...

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2017-01-13 07:24

Few trends have received more hype and attention, in the past couple of years, than this broad-based phenomenon termed as “Digitalization”. If one were to do a simple cause-and-effect analysis, then it would be easy to arrive at a definition which would attribute Digitalization to Digital Technologies such as Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud, IoT and others like robotics, cognitive...

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2017-01-13 07:01

I believe there are two predominant themes in this year's World Economic Forum at Davos: an underlying narrative around the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" (4IR as WEF calls it) and a more immediate call for action though "Responsive and Responsible Leadership".

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is all about driving convergence of technologies that blur the lines between physical, digital and biological systems and the second theme is about dealing with the frustration and discontent that is increasing in...

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2017-01-11 10:38

Co-author: Deepika Choudhary

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about a brand? I think that it’s the trust in the products or services that the company has provided to its customers over a period of time. It may take years for a company to build that trust in the services they have to offer. But for the next generation enterprise where everything is so dynamic, one has to invest a significant amount of effort to...

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2017-01-11 07:56

By promising improved personalization and loyalty benefits in return for shopper data, retail and consumer goods companies can incentivize customers to share valuable information that can be harnessed to refine...

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2017-01-11 07:25

According to Thomson Reuters, 2015 has established a record of sorts with $4.7 trillion in announced mergers and acquisitions (M&A), a 42% increment over 2014. However, research shows that most of these M&A initiatives fail—only 47% of...

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2017-01-10 07:28

Co-Authored By: N M B Prabhu

It's a common notion among designers, engineers, and brand product owners that customers and users cannot tell you what they want. The question remains then, how do you make content and products that people actually want? There are still designers, though, that have a hard time determining “the design approach” and where you should put it in the cycle of production when you deliver solutions...

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2017-01-10 06:32

Building a Text Classifier

This blog post will be a 3-part series. I am going to share each step for building a Text Classifier in R, assuming you have prior knowledge of R programming language. Before going further, if you are required to learn R, I recommend a free course - DataCamp. You can also watch the webinar...

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2017-01-05 12:46

System redundancies – challenges, roadblocks, and a smarter approach

Given current business scenarios, data is of immense importance. From manufacturing to insurance, data (or specifically, relevant and clean data) is pivotal to operational and customer excellence across multiple industries.

Leading insurance providers, as a result, are rethinking core systems – undertaking incremental changes to ensure infrastructure is in-line with available data and analytics tools.

However, the...

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2017-01-04 13:32

Co-author: Divya Thiruvenkada Krishnan

A product can be an electronics item, a web application or an Android/iOS application. It can even be a water dispenser or a cable/dish connection. Product support can be availed via paper format (product pamphlets/manuals), customer support via phone, online chat, walk-ins, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract),...

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2017-01-04 13:13

Co-author:Aparna Mondal

Mobile Network Ecosystem

Mobile data from a mobile device and the server traverses through different types of intervening networks; the cellular network, the Internet and the Data Center Network. A typical cellular network consists of three distinct and separate networks namely, Access Network – providing connectivity to mobile over the air interface along with cell towers and equipment servers for...

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2017-01-04 11:27

“CONTEXTUAL ENQUIRY” - It used to be a vague word for me and may be developers like me. What exactly does it mean? What is it and why do we do it? A lot of questions arose when I heard about it. It required me to go deep into it to understand its essence. “Oh! It is really a great thing.” – That was the obvious reaction I felt and I was overwhelmed with the principles of contextual enquiry and its approach.

Let us have a look at the word – Context. It specifically means “The situation within which...

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2017-01-03 08:07

Businesses across industries stand at an inflection point today due to far reaching disruption fueled by what I call the three elephants in the room: Automation, Cloud and Digitalization. The momentum of change, fueled by an explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud-enabled as-a-service and experience & outcome driven digital platforms, is forcing enterprises to reimagine their businesses and rewire it for success in the new world.

The Mode 1-2-3 Strategy helps...

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2017-01-02 11:29

The altered paradigm

Financial crisis of 2008, fundamentally changed the landscape. Banks and other financial institutions were forced to revitalize their strategies. Key risks and challenges, hitherto unrealized came to the forefront – and required urgent resolution.

In light of the perils of material undercapitalization of trading book exposures, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) introduced the Basel 2.5 reforms in 2009.

Recently the committee made revisions to the...

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