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February 2017 | HCL Technologies

2017-02-28 10:26

Co-author:Karthikeyan Murugesan

Consider the following post production VNF deployment scenario: a service provider has completed the design, testing and deployment of a network for an enterprise customer. Now, what are the biggest challenges for the enterprise network operator?

  • He must make sure SLA committed for all services are not degraded over time.
  • In case of any SLA degradation, the network operator...
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2017-02-28 10:02

Co-author:Aravind Gorja

While accessibility engineering covers a much broader spectrum of the discussion surrounding accessibility, in this blog our focus is on information accessibility via channels of digital content consumption and software products (ICT) being used in workplace.

Investing in accessibility engineering for a web-content platform focused on consumer markets (the source of a larger share of your audience)...

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2017-02-28 09:19

Co-author: Bharath Kumar Gowda

People, processes and technology are the three main pillars for any product or solution, and all three revolve must around the customer. However, as organizations explore new service areas based on emerging technology and consumer demands, they are facing unfamiliar and complex problems. Here, the theory of design thinking comes into play – conceptualizing multi-dimensional solutions for any problem...

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2017-02-28 06:43

It is true that even during the early part of the last decade, people used to think and talk about retirement planning only in their early 50s. They had a number of reasons for that:

  • The state of the Indian economy during most part of the 20th century
  • The economy was predictable, stable, smooth, and without shocks
  • The feeling that pension is only for government employees
  • The lack of awareness on the need of pension and the planning for it
  • The inaction of...
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2017-02-28 06:35

Proliferation of data within the digital ecosystem has propelled a business paradigm shift in recent years. According to IDC forecast, the size of the digital universe, which was 1.8 zettabytes in 2011, would grow 44 fold to 35 zettabytes annually between 2009 and 2020.

Consequently, aligning business needs and vision to the global digital ecosystem has become the key concern of organizations. They want to derive actionable insights and develop agile business models that respond faster to changing...

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2017-02-24 10:55

The evolving advertising landscape
Due to the proliferation of new-age devices and media platforms, viewing habits have undergone a sea change. In today’s fragmented landscape, advertisers are progressively demanding more accountability. According to Forrester, programmatic buying will dominate the digital advertising landscape in the coming years. In 2015, the digital advertising budget grew by over 16%, as against the 5% increase in Linear TV advertising budget. For decades, TV enjoyed...

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2017-02-23 10:05

Co - Authored By : Aman Bhardwaj  

Role of Data analytics in next generation software engineering

The conventional, tedious approach to software engineering is a thing of the past. Companies today are looking for smarter ways to develop and test their software.  Further, the rapid evolution of technology has led to a surge in the demand for effective and efficient product development models.

To gain...

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2017-02-23 09:32

Co-authored By: Harsha Vachher

With the coming of IoT, billions of sensors and devices are rapidly gaining connectivity. However, in spite of creating huge business opportunities and offering several consumer benefits, IoT introduces serious security threats into the digital ecosystem. Securing an individual device has its own unique challenges – such as limited hardware and software resources, as well as the associated bandwidth...

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2017-02-21 09:24

A common challenge faced by most of the organization is the level of inventory to carry to meet a certain service level. In the process organization come across multiple challenges like – what inventory to carry, how much to carry, where to stock it,  how much buffer stock is needed, etc. These challenges seem to grow in magnitude with competition, global sourcing, and higher customer service demand.

In today’s world where every customer and sale matters, no organization wants to be in a position...

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2017-02-17 12:06

The traditional way of analyzing an enterprise’s function is to understand its business processes and measure its efficiency by benchmarking the linked KPIs. This approach has produced results and many transformation initiatives have been executed via this method. A business process is a set of activities performed for the over-all execution of an organizational function. The concept of business process mapping consists of a recording of the business processes from high-level functions to low-level activities...

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2017-02-17 10:49

As emerging tech-innovations vastly alter the ‘customer experience’ landscape, modern organizations are striving to deliver enhanced experiences, generate revenues, reduce costs and expand globally. The digital age customer is better informed and better connected than ever before, stands at the center of this ecosystem, molding it, to their preferences and rapidly changing expectations.

The web of processes and...

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2017-02-17 09:29

Most of us love reading about technology and its impact on organizations. One thing which is common among great technological inventions or disruptions is that all of them have touched our lives somewhere and have changed it for better.

Be it smartphones, internet revolution or digitalization - they have impacted our lives in a certain way.  For any technology to be considered as a great one, it should have a meaningful influence (directly or indirectly) on society.

A key disruption in the...

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2017-02-17 05:48

With the proliferation of ITIL-based IT service management tools, many enterprises have availed these services – often becoming complacent and believing they have intrinsically embraced the service catalog and self-service offerings. This complacency is actually driven by the tool vendors’ definition of service catalog and self-service. While it had earlier served the purpose for legacy IT, a serious re-evaluation is required to determine its viability for the Anything-as-a-Services (XaaS) era.


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2017-02-17 05:31

While trying to identify the most common pain-points customers experience when protecting their data, I came across an interesting survey published by ESG Research, September 2015. Though 22% of the respondents named ‘increasing cost of protection’ as their biggest challenge, 15% cited ‘keeping pace with capacity of data to protect’ as their second choice. Cost is definitely an important roadblock for most respondents – however, it is the latter that offers us a new perspective and food for thought.


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2017-02-16 06:42

Co-authored byBrijesh Unnikrishnan

As software continues to define everything, the technology landscape is evolving rapidly. A massive-IoT (Internet of Things) storm is already at our door steps. Even if we consider a fraction of the IoT devices that Machina Research predicts (27 billion in 2025), it’s a huge number. Let's have a look at where the cellular operators based on 3GPP (Third Generation...

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2017-02-14 11:57

With the sales of new equipment heading down hill and competition building companies are looking for new way to increase their revenue and customer loyalty. Aftermarket service is in focus to address the revenue, profitability challenges leading to a whole world of innovation.

According to ABI research Revenues from maintenance, analytics will see a CAGR of 22% and the market size will reach $ 24.7 Billion by 2019 driven primarily by predictive analytics and M2M connectivity. By 2019 they will...

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2017-02-14 11:46

Today, all organizations want a digitized and contextualized manufacturing environment to enable the digital supply chain where the stakeholders can quickly extract relevant information and make decisions. A digital supply chain has visibility across the supply chain where the goods and materials are physically located and the supply chain and financial achievement can be measured against targets.  And all these things...

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2017-02-14 09:01

The mobile revolution was a tipping point in human evolution, redefining lives in ways that were unimaginable even a decade ago. For businesses, it ushered in an era of multi-channel marketing focused on customer experience.

In 2009, Axe, the deodorant brand, launched one of the earliest campaigns that harnessed the power of mobile technology. It created six different keywords (AXE1 through AXE6) and inserted them into spots for promoting a text-to-win sweepstakes. By leveraging different advertising...

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2017-02-14 06:48

Co-Authored By : Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray

A 21st Century organization’s ability to create a winning customer experience is an interplay of manifestation of Omni-channel capabilities over channels and the speed at which an organization can adapt to evolving consumer preferences.

Capabilities Across The...

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2017-02-14 06:27

Co - Autored by:  Jitesh Jumani

The advent of high-speed connectivity and online media services combined with the rise in the adoption of smartphones in the last decade, has resulted in an enormous growth in “Digitalization”. Gone are the days when a product could be flaunted as Usable, Intuitive, and Mobile friendly. Today it is rather essential for a product to have these qualities.


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2017-02-10 11:30

The Componentization of Core Banking: Embracing XaaS

The increasing complexity of IT applications has influenced every industry, and banking is no exception. A traditional core banking system – even if it’s for a tier 3 or tier 4 financial institution – needs a virtual armory of support applications, which typically function in disparate, fragmented siloes. This creates a process chain that offers the service provider little...

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2017-02-10 09:31

Attending the World Economic Forum has been an enriching experience. Reflecting back on the four days, here are some of my thoughts and takeaways:

  • Technology takes center stage - The technologies driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution are exiting and full of opportunity. Adoption and advancements in Digital, IoT and automation are changing business in a fundamental way and every business...
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2017-02-10 06:40

“Right team with an agile leader, Start Early, Think Innovative” – Pillars of Design Thinking.

Innovation is the crowd pulling factor. Having the right skill-set in a team driven by a strong leader will cultivate innovation in design. Along with innovation, time to...

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2017-02-09 06:45

Co-Authored by: Vaibhav Singh

The world is changing fast, so are we. But are we really adapting to the changing situations and making the world a more accessible place for the generations to come? Let’s find out. What clicks in your mind when you think of accessibility? When you talk about technology, accessibility pertains to a wide range of people with a wide range of abilities, not just the folks with disabilities....

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2017-02-08 09:34

Text summarization is the process of automatically creating a compressed version of a given document, preserving its information, content and intent. Summary is a small piece of text that is produced from one or more text paragraphs or even...

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2017-02-08 05:38

What motivates employees to go beyond their duties and take an extra step for organizational success? More than anything else, it’s recognition which drives them toward accomplishing a larger and unifying objective.

Such recognition is especially rewarding when it comes directly from the CEO. A few days back, the President and CEO of HCL Technologies Ltd, C Vijayakumar, posted on Meme (an internal social networking platform at HCL) – appreciating how Ideapreneurs are using cutting-edge innovation, which...

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2017-02-03 13:19

In the age of globalization, when the number of multi-national corporations is ever-increasing, standardization is a necessity, not a choice. Financial reporting, is an essential aspect of business and requiring standardization. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) aims at exactly that by maintaining stability and transparency in the financial world.

What is IFRS?

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a set of accounting guidelines developed by the International...

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2017-02-03 12:51

Software Defined Networking has emerged as a real game changer for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to transform their network, improve service efficiency, and monetize the network assets better at a reduced operational cost.

When we look at SDN deployments, the ideal scenario is to build a greenfield network with SDN-compliant network devices, preferably from a single OEM. This scenario still can be considered and achieved in a small scale enterprise WAN. However, in a large TSP environment, such a...

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2017-02-03 12:27

An outmoded environment – and a cutting edge solution

Needless to say, tech-innovation should translate to superior transparency in the supply chain.

However, in tandem with movement in technology, supply chain pathways are now more complex, often hindered in efficiency by defunct systems and processes – reducing accessibility and transparency.

In fact, a giant centralized system designed to manage the flow of goods and data, can no longer support the demands of today’s...

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2017-02-02 10:58

Once you decide to maximize business value with a cloud first strategy, you must outline a roadmap geared for business outcomes, while bypassing typical organizational pitfalls. Your strategy will include the following key tenets:

  • Managing Services
  • Self Service and Catalog Driven
  • Technology as an Enabler
  • Managing Outcomes

It is essential to extend these tenets beyond technology for a successful business strategy – in this series, we take a...

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2017-02-02 08:54

In the 21st century, companies are forced to rethink traditional market approaches and become more service-centric in order to remain relevant. Organisations such as Uber and AirBnB are perfect examples of 21st century enterprises. The last 15 years have witnessed the emergence of start-ups that have steadily grown into large scale organizations.

The application of on-demand, always-on technology that propel agility, simplicity, flexibility, and lean operations with customer experience at the...

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2017-02-02 05:43

Why analytics is crucial for the 21st Century Enterprise

21st century enterprises have to grapple with the proliferation of data, resulting from rapid digitalization and the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT). Only 20% of the data generated is visible to computer systems and the percentage is likely to shrink to 7% in the next two years. The voluminous amount of untapped information or “dark data”, presents an opportunity to maximize the potential of...

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2017-02-01 17:46

‘Autonomous Drive = Self Drive’ is the new buzz word all over media in recent times.

Uber partners with Volvo to accelerate their self-drive project, Google Car claims 1.5 million miles of self-driving and Apple’s ‘iCar’ project is on stealth mode, yet it has an estimated R&D budget...

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2017-02-01 17:28

Managing any enterprise is often quite challenging as there is no predictability for any business aspect (hence called variables). This uncertainty manifests in two distinct dimensions which lend itself into a typical 2x2.

Variability and Volatility

One is the volatility in terms of binary outcomes. Forecasting is a huge field which has developed due to our inability to accept volatility as a natural phenomenon. The...

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2017-02-01 17:12

‘Mixed traffic’ is not the latest cocktail on Bar menu, but a subject of intense R&D in Connected Automated Driving

It is the cumulative efforts of various R&D teams to establish a system that can effectively resolve the randomness of...

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