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March 2017 | HCL Technologies

2017-03-31 11:45

At the turn of the last decade, two events occurred that continue to impact the regulatory landscape of the financial services industry to this day. The first of these is the 2008 financial crisis, which led to the consensus that existing regulations must be reevaluated and revamped. Fintech organizations emerged simultaneously – offering a host of technology-driven products. However, these firms were heavily reliant on consumer data and, consequently,...

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2017-03-30 11:24

The financial services industry responded to the 2008 global crisis by tightening regulatory frameworks. However, newly framed policies were expensive to implement and also restricted revenue growth, thereby impacting profitability. Around the same time, RegTech – the use of technology to resolve challenges surrounding compliance policies — emerged.

The term "RegTech" was first coined by UK regulators – specifically the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA). It...

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2017-03-30 06:45

HR leaders are witnessing new business challenges such as retaining capable employees. Creating conducive work environments and a diverse workforce remain daunting tasks. Clearly, HR is just not restricted to administering and hiring new employees; there is a significant opportunity to drive business value as well.

State-of-the-art, cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions provide an integrated platform which empower HR leaders to efficiently deliver people assets. Innovative solutions like...

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2017-03-29 10:49

In continuation to the blog on Promoting and Nurturing Innovation, we will now be discussing the different ideation techniques for idea generation.

Simply put, the ideation concept translates to “formation of ideas or concepts”. Brainstorming is often employed as one of the ideation techniques.


Brainstorming is a...

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2017-03-29 09:27

The need for enhanced customer interaction

In the uber-connected business landscape, organizations are constantly striving to drive customer satisfaction across multiple touch points. It would, therefore be unreasonable to expect that a customer will patiently await his/her turn in a call queue. In fact, if that were to happen, it would significantly impact the quality of customer experience – which is exactly what a 21st century enterprise cannot afford.

Due to the...

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2017-03-29 05:07

The utility industry has been slow in accepting change primarily because the industry has moved in linear fashion for decades. The advent of smart meters, stringent carbon emission targets and falling price of wholesale electricity have forced energy providers to look for disruptive technologies to offer differentiated offerings and services to customers and thereby stay competitive.

Utility providers have taken cues from Telecom and Retail industries which have historically shown a higher appetite for...

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2017-03-28 11:51

These are exciting times. Rapid digitization is heralding an Internet of Things- (IoT-) driven future with vibrant possibilities impacting lifestyles, productivity, and the larger operational matrix.

IoT promises to be the single largest game-changer with analysts predicting 200+ billion connected devices by 2020 (Source: IDC), enabling enormous opportunities even as the market prepares for an IoT economy.


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2017-03-27 11:06

From being perceived as ‘insecure’ to inspiring trust, from basic business models to complex and customized options, from the complete absence of virtualization to a ‘cloud first’ approach – cloud has certainly come a long way, creating its own space in customer environments. Today, it is no longer limited to an IT discussion but poses a key business question – how to select, operate, and benefit from a cloud strategy.

In a bid to harness more resources, organizations are slowly beginning to...

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2017-03-27 06:52

Insurance is one of the largest service industries on the planet, catering to more than half of the world’s population. According to Insurance Information Institute, direct premiums worth US $4.5 trillion were underwritten in 2015 alone. One of the most important tasks organizations face is providing customer service, and insurers are no different. Servicing customers of varied regions under one roof has always been a difficult task. Additionally, setting up customer service teams to suit individuals from each...

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2017-03-24 09:27

Co- Authored by:Divya Thiruvenkada Krishnan

Marketing often plays a decisive role in determining the brand value of any product. It has taken several major leaps – through newspaper, TV, radio, cutouts, banners, telephone, as well as the internet – and it continues to grow. Today, products substantially outnumber manufacturer availability and therefore, smart strategies and superior quality are cardinal for standing out among the clutter....

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2017-03-24 05:44

We know of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that devote themselves to uplifting the poor, providing education to underprivileged children, working with special-needs/mentally challenged children and adults, improving the lives of destitute women and old people who need care.  Many of us may have also heard of (NGOs) that are working to conserve water, to save the dwindling tiger population, to save forests and the lives of indigenous people who inhabit these forests.

So, I was pleasantly...

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2017-03-22 08:26
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2017-03-21 07:47

How can retailers leverage cutting edge technologies like instant apps, beacons and augmented reality to create a compelling experience for the customers, without being distractive during their purchase journey?

Physical Retail vs Online

Online shopping over the years has been on growth trajectory in almost all retail micro-verticals. In North America, online shopping accounts for more than 60% of year-on-year growth. That being said, physical retail still accounts...

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2017-03-21 07:05

Let’s start with a simple question: Is Change a bug or a feature?

Any change on an enterprise-wide level is typically welcomed only after resistance, accompanied by statements such as: "We have been doing it this way for the past 'x' years, and it’s been working very well for us. Then why should we change?"

All legacy players that approached change from this perspective are now struggling to keep pace with new generation Unicorns. It’s this very aspect that brings us to the point – how is change...

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2017-03-15 07:56

Workload Scheduler 9.4 was released in December 2016, the first release in the new HCL era. Workload Scheduler has been powered by the IBM-HCL partnership, providing new capabilities that streamline continuous delivery in your company through better auditing.


You face challenges every day to have an up-to-date production environment to work with. When you are notified about an error, it's...

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2017-03-15 07:35

Are you still postponing that upgrade because there just never seems to be a good time to have a planned outage that everyone agrees on? Planning the maintenance of your agents no longer means negotiating rare idle time windows with your colleagues. Often your agents are running business-critical applications 24X7. You want to ensure scheduling continuity while minimizing upgrade efforts. If an upgrade is not planned carefully, you risk prolonged scheduling downtime and unmet service level agreements.

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2017-03-14 13:06
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2017-03-09 11:28
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2017-03-09 08:52

Co-author:Luigi Presti

In case of automation products, once a new version is announced or is effectively released, the customers and in general any user have great expectations of it.

"Will it be able to address the needs of my company?", "Will it be able to reduce the burden of my daily activities?", "Will it be able to increase the efficiency of my organization?". "Will it be able to work with my existing applications?"...

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2017-03-09 07:57

We circle a key week on our calendars each year. This is the week when IBM #Interconnect arrives in Las Vegas

If you’re not sure what IBM InterConnect is all about, it’s the one event that you can get a year’s worth of professional education in just one week. So what...

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2017-03-09 07:16

Co-author: Ritesh Sinha


Three crucial aspects of Big Data- velocity, variety, and volume (3Vs) realize their true potential in the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, efficient data management (storage and processing) within the system is of utmost importance. It is only by applying advanced data processing and analytics tools that data’s fourth V- ...

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2017-03-08 09:23

What Is an Annuity and How Does It Work?

In its simplest form, an annuity is an agreement in which the individual makes one or multiple payments in exchange for receiving a set amount of income for a period of time from the insurance company. Annuity products have been in the market for a long time. They are commonly used by conservative retirees who want to make sure that they will have a regular income for the rest of their lives. Even though annuities are a way to invest money, they...

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2017-03-08 09:23

Co-Authored by : Sachin Mudholkar


Software defined

“Software defined everything” is a container term indicating the shift towards a controlled way of accessing network, data center, and storage. It is aimed at reducing silos in the market. The belief...

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2017-03-08 08:38

It’s that time of year again to join us at InterConnect, the IBM annual event that you can get a year’s worth of professional education in just one week. Besides all the great sessions, labs, workshops, demos, and networking activities, clients showcasing their stories are at the top of our list. You won’t want to miss these client presentations. You get to see a real context with real results, and a model to create your own...

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2017-03-07 10:08

The lines between physical and virtual worlds are increasingly getting blurred as a result of digital disruption. While customers grapple with loyalty choices, business teams are striving to harness enough innovation and creativity to remain relevant in today’s digital market. Consequently, they want IT teams to bolster the business with competitive differentiation – data, insights, experience and other significant aspects, with a variety of use cases.

In the current disruptive scenario, rigid...

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2017-03-06 09:21

As enterprises gradually embrace IoT, machine learning, and digital transformation initiatives, while continuously expanding organically and/or otherwise, IT is being propelled – moved up the value chain, from its support function to become a “make it happen” boardroom player. The advent of digital technologies like IoT and the constant need for agility and scalability has pushed IT from being the back-end, siloed enabler it was a decade ago – to a primary business platform and a competitive differentiator....

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2017-03-03 07:26

Excited to join @HCLTech team at #ibminterconnect in Las Vegas & meet friends in #WebSphere community

We will be there to explain how HCL is taking a number of IBM products forward, with new innovation and investment, bringing you greater value than ever before.


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