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February 2019 | HCL Technologies

2019-02-25 07:50

The healthcare industry is undergoing a major transformation due to an increasing acceptance of big data technologies and advanced analytics. As per HIMSS, the amount of healthcare data being generated is increasing at an exponential rate of 48% a year, hence, healthcare industry is looking for ways to manage and leverage the same.

Healthcare payers generally store data in centrally controlled data warehouses. Since they are siloed systems, there...

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2019-02-22 06:37

Blockchain is one technology which is touching every industry in some shape or form. Most importantly, the use case of blockchain technology comes in areas where trust among different parties and stakeholders needs to be established. Blockchain, a shared distributed ledger technology, eliminates the need for an intermediary to govern a transaction thereby reducing the chances of malpractice and cost burden these...

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2019-02-14 12:36

Optimized Processes in Claims Lifecycle and Straight Forward Claims Settlement in Fast track are some of the Buzzwords being articulated repeatedly when the Insurers look for improving their Loss Ratio. On the other side, being used as a Risk Transfer/Risk Mitigation Mechanism, the Insurance Device is prompting to get converted as a Risk Avoidance Mechanism through various ways such as

  1. Gamification of Processes
  2. Avoiding Claims
  3. Improving Risk Management Habits


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2019-02-14 09:30


HCL OneTest UI is an automated functional testing and regression testing tool and cucumber is a testing framework that supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). Cucumber enables us to define application behaviour in a meaningful English text by using simple grammar defined by a structured language called Gherkin. Through this blog, we will learn how to create automation test suite by using...

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2019-02-14 07:05

AI has been at the heart of many security debates in the financial services sector, over the last couple of years. With more enterprises going ‘digital’, there is a consistent flow of information, that can offer insights into transaction validity and security. So it’s no surprise that the firms are investing heavily in AI with its capability to quickly parse massive data streams, apply analytical models, and identify threats. In India alone,...

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2019-02-14 06:30

Telecom operators are on the way to find new source of revenue as monolithic, vendor oriented and non-agile operational networks are narrowing the profit margins. The cloud technology is a perfect solution for these issues. This technology offers quick scalability and innovation to the telecom operators. The service providers can also take benefits from it in the form of new services and innovative revenue model for their end-users and customers.

Telco Cloud...

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2019-02-13 06:56


SDN (Software-Defined Networking) is defined as “The physical separation of the network control plane from the forwarding plane, and where a control plane controls several devices”. This is the standard definition of SDN as defined in ONF Site.

Don’t worry; if you are not able to make out of SDN (Software-Defined Networking) from the...

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2019-02-08 12:25

For a moment, close your eyes and think about the best memories of your childhood. I am pretty sure that many of you will recall a family member (grandparent/parent/relative) narrating stories to you. I used to love hearing stories and always looked forward to every opportunity for a story session.

Now let’s visualize if different stakeholders we interact with in our professional world would also be eagerly awaiting to hear what we have to say. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? And that is exactly the...

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2019-02-08 07:40

On December 6, IBM and HCL announced that HCL Technologies and IBM had signed a definitive agreement to acquire select IBM software products, including WebSphere Commerce and Digital Commerce.

We understand that while this is very exciting for us at HCL, it may bring questions to the loyal WebSphere Commerce, Notes/Domino, Unica, and Informix clientele, as well as to those who are considering adopting this superior and proven product to monetize their digital...

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2019-02-07 12:05

Effective decision making and operational efficiency are the major driving factors for the manufacturing segment. With the help of this blog, I am sharing my thoughts on having a centralised approach to data quality, and that we at HCL ERS have put the right steps towards it.

Let us look at the three reasons, why it is necessary, especially for the manufacturing segment, to have a standard approach to data quality:

  • Manufacturing segment...
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2019-02-05 05:28

We humans are governed by our free will to choose and make decisions. But, in the world of technology and data brokers, those who can predict and drive one to make decisions, are influencing free will. They are operating behind screens, constantly collecting private information to build a persona and facilitate targeted marketing. Following the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, the market is under increased vigilance from regulators. With data harvesting becoming popular, the companies are now choosing to use...

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2019-02-04 09:41

This year, the four days of the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos have been a transformative experience across multiple avenues. Discussions ranged from the progress made by public-private partnerships in addressing critical sociopolitical and socioeconomic issues to WTO negotiations and efforts to secure global health. However, deliberations on the impact of technology and business on the stable growth trajectory of the world garnered a lot of...

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2019-02-01 10:30

My previous blog touched upon the paradigm shift taking place in today’s increasingly distributed data landscape. As a natural extension of this transformation, I would now like to share some thoughts on how cognitive technologies are poised to power data marketplaces which have arisen in recent years. More so due to the integral role knowledge management now plays in the cognitive world with respect to...

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We will treat any information you submit with us as confidential.

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