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Big Idea 2015: Imagine the new Energy World

Big Idea 2015: Imagine the new Energy World
January 15, 2015

Nuclear Power generators are getting miniaturized and in next 10 years we will have nuclear generators of the size of the car battery. This will change the whole Oil, Energy & Transportation Industry. Imagine what will happen to the petrol pumps! How will the villages and towns get powered! With the small nuclear generators will the towns and village have their own Micro-grids? Will we still need National Grids? What will be the role of the solar power? Will solar power act as a backup to Nuclear or will Oil have the alternate energy role? How about a Hybrid car, which runs on Nuclear and Solar energy.

What should be the direction for the Oil and Gas companies in the short run and in the long run? Should they deplete all their reservoirs and focus on maximizing the profits in the short run? When should they stop digging new rigs? Or should their focus be on the alternate uses of Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas?

Let me add another complexity to this scenario. To make all this technology ready for commercial use we will need to make this technology safe for public use. We need the ability to safely handle the radioactive waste. We need the ability to convert this radioactive waste into rock. Interestingly technology exists today and Australia is ahead of all the nations to have created this Technology.

Let us also focus our attention on Power Utilities as well and look at what will be their future. With Micro-grids coming into play and the federated power generation scenario, Smart Grid initiatives will need a very different focus.

So the availability of uranium resources / nuclear sources will define the Energy producing economies. The new OPEC Axis will change to NPEC where "O" is replaced with "N" for Nuclear. Will Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia play an important role? Will the world focus shift from Middle East to Kazakhstan? Has China already started shifting its focus? Will China need more than iron ore and other nuclear commodities from Australia?

Will Australia have the next Gold rush and bring back to account surplus with Uranium? Should nuclear education be the focus for the Australian Universities? All this is very real. We need to focus on the innovation which is coming and start projecting the new World.

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