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Choosing the Right Path for your SAP Migration Strategy
January 13, 2022

The world’s most visionary companies are embracing cloud computing, starting with the business-critical functions that would benefit most from a mature, consumption-based solution. Organizations using SAP want to leverage new options to support innovation, reduce risk, improve service levels, increase ROI, and optimize total cost of ownership (TCO). They want to ensure that the service levels for their business-critical applications are guaranteed and delivered at a known fixed cost while ensuring compliance with all stipulated regulations.

There is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution for SAP migration. Organizations must weigh the pros and cons of each approach to determine the best fit for their organization. Perhaps the time-to-value is most important, or maybe the desire to avoid and eliminate the technical debt is worth taking a bit more time.

With the 2027 sunset of SAP ECC support looming, some organizations may choose to upgrade SAP processes to a , embracing the cloud-first features, including expanded machine learning and analytics capabilities and cloud security.

However, some may not need the new bells and whistles and look to replicate their current, customized SAP environment, making it more efficient with agile, cloud computing resources.

Whether you choose to change versions or ‘lift and shift,’ choosing a technology partner who has seen it all can help you avoid the common pitfalls and choose the right path to the cloud computing journey based on your unique circumstances.

Below are the most common ways to transform your SAP environment:

  1. Implement SAP S/4HANA on the public cloud: This option is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses or enterprises with standard processes.

    Pros: Sharing a cloud makes this option low cost, quicker to implement, and scalable.

    Cons: This is only suitable for standard SAP processes, with little room for customization. Maintenance and upgrades are done on SAP’s schedule, giving the customer little control over the timing and scope.

  2. Migrate to SAP S/4HANA on the cloud: Upgrade your current ECC solution to SAP S/4HANA using tools like , an SAP-certified partner package solution.

    Pros: Cost-efficient way to adopt cloud computing while still enabling custom and specialized SAP functionality.

    Cons: Not all of the advanced functionalities of SAP S/4HANA might be available.

  3. Greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA on the cloud: Get all the latest features by starting with a clean slate, which can be accelerated using a framework like .

    Pros: Harness the full power of SAP’s latest solution, including re-engineered process improvements and the advanced data and analytics features of SAP S/4HANA.

    Cons: It can be more expensive and takes longer to implement.

Accelerate your SAP transformation with HCLTech CloudSmart

is a full-stack offering to accelerate your transformation journey by leveraging innovative accelerators from HCLTech, SAP, and our partner ecosystem. This includes migration to SAP S/4HANA, industry cloud solutions, cloud security, TechOps, CAS (Cloud Application Services), and AMS (Application Management Services).

HCLTech CloudSmart for SAP helps customers to:

  • Re-invent customer experience with an outcome-oriented cloud design that delivers enhanced customer experience.
  • Modernize digital core by moving from a modular monolithic architecture to an entirely micro-services and business services-based architecture.
  • Drive continuous innovation by re-imagining capabilities, whether that is through machine learning and analytics, industry cloud solutions, or cloud-native applications.
  • Maximize business value by increasing agility and enabling market differentiation with enhanced processes and vertical-specific solutions.

Making the right choice for your company at the start of your SAP migration journey can help avoid costly mistakes and future pain. Identify the trade-offs that work for your organization, and bring key stakeholders and impacted users along for the journey .

To learn more about HCLTech’s CloudSmart offering. Reach out to the team at

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