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Cloud route to make informed decisions on software licensing
August 25, 2022

Enterprise customers that begin their SAP RISE journey often look for solutions that help track, evaluate, and manage software licenses while ensuring that they are compliant and fully optimized for use. They expect these solutions to help them enhance the use of their existing software licenses while also ensuring that IT assets are better utilized. Overall, customers want to ensure that their software spends are well balanced and their systems are future-ready.

The most sought-after cloud-based solutions evaluate existing software licenses, understand how they are utilized, and provide a holistic, simplified view of the total cost of ownership. This is because they will aid structured and data-centric decision-making for license purchase and renewal or upgrade. Mosaic from HCLTech is a cloud-based solution that serves as a single platform for all information on license usage, conversion, and re-classification to optimize license shelfware.

Advantages of HCLTech Mosaic

  • A cloud-native solution, HCLTech Mosaic empowers customers embarking on the SAP RISE journey by facilitating easy decisions. It demystifies licensing needs because it automatically translates perpetual licenses into RISE Full Usage Equivalent ones
  • Existing SAP users can leverage this solution to consistently track, evaluate, and manage software licenses, compliance, and optimization to aid ongoing monitoring capabilities

Other benefits include

  • Supervision: Mosaic helps customers understand and optimize the current system consumption to adjust the license spend
  • Cost savings: Helps to balance software spending with usage patterns, reduce waste, and optimize licensing
  • Future readiness: Makes sure that compliance is in place as per prescribed policies to avoid any penalties

In summary, Mosaic gives the much-needed cost transparency and visibility so that organizations can become intelligence enterprises.

HCLTech Mosaic offerings include:

  • License and system monitoring: To collect and highlight system data consumption, so customers can better understand the use of purchased licenses and other IT assets
  • License optimization: Interpret the current system consumption and suggest license type, such as user, infrastructure, digital access, and support, to help customers better understand the total cost of ownership
  • Lower risk of software license audit and penalties: Simplify compliance efforts by providing information on over-usage, renewals, etc. of the licenses

How customers benefit

A case in point to show the effectiveness of Mosaic is the benefit that a leading insurance sector customer obtained. Owing to a legacy ERP platform and overspending on software licenses, the customer faced multiple business challenges. These included a lack of information on license conversion from SAP on-premises to cloud, non-optimal license utilization, and a lack of a one-stop multiplatform license solution and replica instances.

Insights from the tool highlighted several key pointers across customers’ direct access, indirect access, infra sizing, as well as applicability and conformance of the existing system add-ons. Leveraging the built-in AI/ML models, the solution gave the forecast of user and DB growth over the next five years so that the customer could look at the right quantity to procure. In addition, the tool highlighted that the consumed licenses by the customer were much higher than purchased licenses, thus avoiding a possible compliance issue.

The HCLTech team submitted a single report covering all aspects of SAP RISE and empowered the customer to engage in a more structured and data-centric decision-making process. The tool helped the customer to easily add components not supported by S/4HANA into the system, including those that had to be purchased separately, thereby giving a holistic picture. Through the Mosaic solution, HCLTech helped the customer reduce their shelfware, improve business metrics, and predict future license consumption and corresponding costs.

Why HCLTech?

  • In-depth understanding of the dos and don’ts of this journey, as an existing SAP RISE customer itself
  • Experienced SAP S/4HANA digital transformation partner with experience in cloud SAP infrastructure
  • Proven ability to help customers identify and capture business value and new revenue streams
  • Experienced team with deep industry perspectives and a strong heritage in smart product engineering
  • 10,000+ consultant base that leverages insights, advanced accelerators, and industry-acclaimed frameworks to deliver award-winning services
  • 24/7 availability as a global partner
  • Industry-leading client success and analyst ratings
  • Single managed service provider for both hardware and software
  • Proven pragmatic and outcome-based Cloud Smart approach for SAP RISE customers

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