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Digital transformation maturity matrix for telecommunication service providers

Digital transformation maturity matrix for telecommunication service providers
June 12, 2019

The telecommunications industry is at the forefront of this transformation, both as an industry witnessing large-scale change in its market environment and as a key driver of worldwide digitization. Investment by the telecommunications industry in technology and interoperability has underpinned an immense shift in information and capital flows through the global economy, while providing the building blocks for the emergence of entirely new business models across industries.

HCL Digital Transformation Maturity Matrix is an Assessment/Index model for the analysis of a Communication Service Provider(CSP) on various tenets of its digital transformation journey. It helps customers take an objective view of the current state of the organization, along with its assets, investments, and initiatives.

#Digital Transformation

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Measures
Work Culture 20%

Ad hoc communiocation systems

Work in silos

Collaborative communication system

Clear Delivery Requirements

Collaborative & Multi Functional Communication

Clear & Documented Vision

Cross functional & Omni Channel Communication

Articulated Business Vision

Self Organised Communication

Team can solve any issue

Team Happiness


Business Agility 10%

Ad hoc programming, design & development

Traditional Sprint based Netwrok

Basic agile practices with high collaboration

Hybrid & Capacitative Network

Extreme Adoption & Pair Programming

Extended Network Connectors

Shift left quality by early testing

Autonomous Networks

Enterprise Agile Adoption

Software Defined Networks

User Story Acceptance

Velocity Variance

Technology Disruptors 30%

Basic Cloud Services

Messenger Hub & Information System

Scheduled builds & dedicated build servers

API Enablement

Dynamically Orchestrated Microservices

Big Data Analytics

Self Service & Chatbots

Blockchain & Autonomous Billing Systems

Network Monetization

AI Cognitive Computing

AR VR based Retail

IoTized Services

Build Cycle Time

Integration Cycle Time

Architecture Agility 25%

Manual & Partially Automated Deployment

Rollback is manual & complex

Automated Deployment using Scripts

Complex but reliable rollback

Automated deployment

Self Service or Push Button

Automated Deployment to Pre Prod

Automated Rollback

Fully Automated Deployment

Automated Environment Provisioning

Deployment Cycle Time
Digital Governance 15%

Reactive Monitoring

Manual Reporting

Continuous Monitoring

Partially Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Monitoring as a Service

Performance Metrics Captured & Reported

Quality Metrics are defined & tracked

Automated Problem Isolation & Resolution

Optimize KPI

Defect Lekage

In Sprint Testing

In Sprint Automation

The model looks to assess the CSP’s digital maturity on 5 key components:

  • Work Culture - Characterizing the changes in communications, culture, structure, training, and knowledge management within the organization that will enable it to become a digital player
  • Business Agility - Focusing on customer participation and business empowerment, as well as new benefits created through automation of network and processes
  • Technology Disruptors - Representing the next-gen technology trends being adopted by the CSP and its capabilities that enable effective technology planning, deployment, and integration to support the digital business
  • Architecture Agility - Focusing on the capabilities that support the service provision. Increased maturity within this dimension demonstrates a more digitized, automated, and flexible operational structure
  • Digital Governance - Focusing on the capabilities that enable more flexible and agile ways of monitoring and regulations that will form the basis for an effective digital business

Scoring model: HCL

Based on its experience and understanding of digital enterprises of future, HCL has defined a weighted model to assess current state of digital maturity of the CSP. Our model ranks tenets defined in matrix as: Work Culture (20%), Business Agility (10%), Technology Disruptors (30%), Architectural Agility (25%), Digital Governance (15%). Based on our assessment of current state of the Communication Service Provider(CSP), we calculate a cumulative score and assign a level of digital maturity to the client.

Based on the client’s current level of digital maturity, HCL outlines a digital transformation trajectory. HCL has a set of digital systems tools, processes & frameworks to help the organization embark on the digital journey with the required support and expertise to ensure long-term success.

Some Levers of Digitalization Offerings for CSP

  1. Digital Consulting – At HCL we have an in house consulting division focusing on Telco operators pressure points like Data Integration, Device Integration, DevOps, Automation to bring about their digital transformation. Emphasis is on user experience enhancement and business process transformation led by a design-thinking and user-persona based approach
  2. IoT Works - Innovative and focused service offerings to develop a connected device ecosystem that is experience-centric, service-oriented, agile & lean, and ecosystem-driven
  3. Digital Systems Integration - Digital Systems Integration from HCL has been created as a journey for a traditional organization to be Reborn Digital. By embarking on this Digital Transformation journey, the existing companies can engage with customers, empower employees, and enable management in a better manner
  4. Mobility – Enterprise mobility functions for clients looking to outsource some or all of their hectic operations, in order to focus on their core business
  5. Analytics & Big Data - Our business analytics services team engages with your digital business and IT teams to develop a practical and tangible path forward tailored to your organization’s objectives. Analytics Pathways provide the tools to define, build, and deploy Big Fast Data solutions and advanced analytics to create innovative solutions
  6. E-Commerce – Commerce in a box offering with an omni channel e-services establishment to digitize brick and mortar operations and acquire new customers
  7. DRYiCE – DRYiCE framework, composed of DRYiCE Autonomics and DRYiCE Orchestration, consists of 53 loosely coupled building blocks, each block representing a functionality. This might be delivered via HCL IPs or off the shelf partner products and the customers may want to consume all 53 or the selected few per their need
  8. SLM Smart – It brings together agile project management with DevOps tooling supports various ALM frameworks viz. JIRA, VersionOne, HP ALM, etc.
  9. Application Re-engineering - Application re-engineering services assist you to rethink and redesign how your current application meets its strategic objectives. Emphasis is on innovation, flexibility, quality deliverables, and cost control by re-engineering functional modules and supporting processes using state-of-the-art application re-engineering methodologies
  10. Portfolio Optimization – Comprehensive set of portfolio optimization offerings with focus on data archival, Legacy Modernization, total cost of ownership, Cloud and mobility adoption, application decommissioning service

This was a list of just some of the Levers that help us in helping organizations with their Digital Transformation trajectory. There can be a combination of other offerings to act as levers for organizations to help them progress through the different stages of their Digital Maturity journey.


Fig1. Typical example of how these levers can help a Telco progress through the Digital Maturity Levels. The flow & levers will be on a case to case scenario

With an extensive portfolio of digital business service offerings HCL helped one of its clients, a major US based wireless network operator, achieve channel efficiencies using digitization. Advanced Analytics across supply chain, customer service, marketing and device management enabled the telecom major to take data driven business decisions. Together we launched a brand new digital platform for Consumer Services & Device Activation, thereby, improving customer engagement & preventing churn.