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The Benefits of Using mRemote

The Benefits of Using mRemote
Chitra Duraisami | March 20, 2012

Hi. This is Chitra, and I am writing my first blog about the challenges faced in my day-to-day work life. Basically, I am part of a team that does product testing for our client. In our testing, we certify products in different OS and browsers, and we deal with multiple remote connections to set up the testing environments, e.g. a database server on one machine, an application server on another machine, and so on.

As an example, I have a database server on one machine, an application server on another machine, and for certifying products, I have  10 client machines with different configurations such as  Windows7\IE8, WindowsXP\IE7, etc.  Let’s say I need to test one particular functionality in all 10 client machines — it takes a long time to connect all 12 machines. It happens like this: Connect one machine, provide the credentials and check whether it’s logged into the machine successfully. Then connect another one and repeat the same process. It takes a minimum of 20 minutes to connect all the machines one-by-one. Also, it’s very difficult to remember all 12 machines’ credentials. This is how I spend my time to connect the machines through remote desktop.

mRemote is an Open Source tool that allows a user to connect all the remote machines in less time, and  in a single window. It is a one-time process of registering all the configuration details such as IPs and  credentials. Its multi-tab feature (as in the IE8 browser) allows you to easily move from one machine to another.

Features available:

  • Multiple supported protocols, including RDP, Telnet, VNC, etc.
  • Screenshot manager
  • Full screen mode
  • Errors and info if connection fails, etc.

The Benefits of Using mRemote

Benefits of using this tool:

  • Multi-tab feature allows you to move among different machines easily
  • One-time registration of configuration details
  • Less time consuming
  • Resolution is good
  • Capturing screenshots is easier as compared to  using Printscreen (prt sc) and pasting into a Word document
  • Configuration details can be shared with others; they can easily be imported into their mRemote

This tool helped increase our team’s productivity. Now connecting to remote machines is as simple as  right clicking on the connection registered in mRemote. The machines are connected directly without requesting any credentials.

Try this tool once and share your experience with us. We would love to hear that!

We will discuss more about mRemote in our next blog.

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