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Evolving HCL’s Value Proposition in the ANZ Market.

Evolving HCL’s Value Proposition in the ANZ Market.
March 03, 2015

In my previous two blogs, I spoke about HCL’s shift in the ANZ region from purely responding to RFP’s, to infusing our offerings with industry specific offerings that are ideally offered As a Service. Our value proposition in the traditional sense of quality, well priced services, delivered with a mix of onshore and offshore resources continues to sit well in our present market. As a result our growth is strong, as we take away market share from traditional suppliers in the ANZ region. However, that growth cannot last forever… for two key reasons –

  1. Acquisitions aside, we will eventually run out of market; and,
  2. Our customers will be expecting differing styles of offerings that align with the advantages of cloud and XaaS. If we do not supply to that demand, someone else will.

This view is shared by others, as reported by the Wall Street Journal in an article by Dhanya Ann Thoppil; “Indian Outsourcers struggle to Evolve as Growth Slows”. Therefore, it is more important that we begin now to supplement our present value proposition, by investing in innovative IT systems that are both industry specific and delivered with the flexibility of AAS platforms. These will help evolve both our offerings and drive changes in customer expectations.  Customer expectations in these new areas are not likely to be specific, as many of the new offerings have never existed before in any digital form. The new systems will likely make use of existing enterprise data, and with the use of big data practices and advanced analytics, we will be able to create systems that provide high business value.  In the early stages, for our customers, much of this will not be immediately obvious. So we will have to show them the art of the possible and back it up with solid business cases. HCL in our region is starting along this evolutional process by investing in some early ‘big bets’ in two key areas –

  1. Banking payments and mobile platforms; and,
  2. Mining and Natural Resources optimization systems.

Both of these big bet areas will be making use of big data and advanced analytics as a base and will be deployed on an As a Service basis.

To support both the vision, creation, as well as the marketing of these new offerings, people with industry specific skills are required. In some cases these people do not have an IT background, but are employed into HCL for their deep industry knowledge and will be working alongside their IT skilled HCL colleagues to turn their visions into real systems that are of great value to our customers. New partnership arrangements will also emerge, with vendors and suppliers of the IT platforms – both hardware and software, teamed alongside industry specific niche players. They will bring to us their expertise and we provide them with the new digital platforms from which our joint customers can more easily and costs effectively exploit their expertise…effectively creating an entirely new partner ecosystem.