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Fluid WISE – Workplace Industry Solutions and Experiences
August 19, 2021

Digital Transformation leveraging Verticalized Workplaces.

Shifting from horizontal to industry-specific solutions

The modern workplace acts as a lynchpin for the enterprise in its pursuit of productivity and employee experience. This paradigm change has forced organizations everywhere to rethink how technology, processes and people can work together to achieve business goals. Most businesses are looking at service providers with future-ready offerings to shape a more cohesive and collaborative enterprise. HCLTech Fluid Workplace seeks to provide service offerings to drive focused business outcomes for its customers. Our goal of creating digital disruption in order to accelerate workplace transformation has inspired widespread acceptance by industries.

Accelerating workplace transformation through industry-specific solutions catering to your workforce needs with Fluid WISE.

The ‘one size fits all’ model is no longer the best way to lead a customer’s workplace transformation journey. What’s different with workplaces of today are the service needs and requirements for each of them based on the nature of the day-to-day activities. Understanding that the nuances of a workplace across different verticals will vary greatly according to its end users is critical. Based on this, it is important to create workplaces that address the specific needs and demands of its enterprises and employees.

Workspace Ergonomics

Figure 1: Workspace Ergonomics

Why is there a demand for crafting specific industry solutions?

The workplace is where the end-user (employee) has the most interactions within their daily life. It’s usually the first and the last thing the end-user sees in their day. This provides custom workplace solutions the opportunity to maximize ROI for enterprises looking to provide the best end-user experience for its employees.

Today, technology is prevalent across all industries. The applications/devices we use, our data identity and workplace ergonomics are all influential factors. The sheer scale of these services is large across enterprises, most of them need to be verticalized to help end-users influence business outcomes.

Most organizations are talking about the end-user experience of these services, which has a direct impact on the workplace and its activities. To deliver a positive end-user experience, it is highly imperative that we tailor our services that suits the requirements of our customers and create offerings that resonate beyond the financials of any agreement.

Key differentiator of our industry-specific solutions

At HCLTech, we have been able to Identify and thoroughly understand the market trends, business issues and some of the key challenges from our customers and their vertical specific workplace requirements through multiple touchpoints. The speed and scale of our SMEs, sales and global delivery teams are unmatched and help us to gain deep understanding on diverse set of business challenges and help us innovate. Our long-standing relationships with leading analysts and research organizations coupled with a strong alliance with technology partners and niche technology players enables us to uniquely design and build our industry-solutions and reinvent the workplace to deliver improved productivity, experience, personalization and long-term growth.

We adopt a design-thinking approach where stakeholders from across sales teams, service delivery, product managers, external analyst working in the area/industry in focus, come together to understand which business problems are financially feasible to tackle and figuring out potential propositions that would benefit the market. What follows is the deciphering of the technological layer of the business case to identify and shortlist appropriate partners/players that could work with us on creating a vertical/industry solution to achieve the business goals.

The bottom line

Fluid WISE is a unique portfolio of verticalized offerings that help organizations accelerate workplace transformation by leveraging workplace technologies. With a goal of supporting clients at any stage of their workplace transformation journey, Fluid WISE aims to address the strategic challenges of each industry and help enterprises embark on workplace transformation to deliver productive, intuitive, connected work experience. The WISE portfolio offers comprehensive workplace solutions for the retail, manufacturing, healthcare and financial sectors.

Our approach to building this industry-specific offering is to deliver a 360ᵒ value, streamline complex industry processes, allowing more resources to be invested in creating new ways of working, fostering the culture of collaboration and innovation adding business value with greater speed and less disruption. To know more about Fluid WISE and our industry-specific workplace solutions, please contact us on: dwp@hcl.com/contact.dwp@hcl.com.

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