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Focus on enterprise technology to lead your industry for a long time

Focus on enterprise technology to lead your industry for a long time
December 24, 2015

Operational Technology

Despite huge investments in technologies, most enterprises find it difficult to stay at the top of the industries for a long. They fail to understand the next-generation enterprise technology needs as well as performance needs of their customers. The problem is not just restricted to spotting the customers’ technology needs, but also not having the holistic view of all technology experiences that are delivered to them through various technology spectrums. To be able to deliver next-generation technologies and unified experiences, you must start seeing the world from your customers’ perspective and focus on Enterprise Technology, which is beyond Information Technology (IT) or Business Technology. 

I get restless when enterprises’ long-term technology vision focuses on a single technology spectrum; they either have an IT plan, which is often separated from Business Technology, or may slightly detail out Operational Technology. The problem with this type of long-term technology strategy is that even before you realize the actual outcome, you have already lost the battle and are outperformed by other enterprises that focus on Enterprise Technology. Start investing in Enterprise Information Technology. It’s time.

Enterprise Technology is all about supplying a unified experience delivered through various technology spectrums. For the 21st Century Enterprises, who are the leaders in their industry, it’s no longer about IT and / or Operational Technology; it’s about the BIG Convergence of IT, Operational and Business Technologies. Their vision clearly focuses on building a strong foundation of Enterprise Technology that supports the convergence (Figure 1).        

In this dynamic and volatile business world, being the Chief of any technology spectrum is as challenging as it never was. You are expected to predict and automate faster than ever before and that too with 100% accuracy. Good news is that Enterprise Technology does exactly that; it provides accurate predictability and automation!

On top of that, it enables agility and provides the total cost of ownership backbone to help you build the ‘enterprise of the future’ with next-generation technologies. Consequently, Enterprise Technology contributes massively to the board matrix by delivering agility, revenues, total cost of ownership, and competitive advantages. It gives you what you need to be at the top of your industry for a long.

Think. Change. It’s time.