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HCL Cloud Smart – Your Cloud business value enhancer

HCL Cloud Smart – Your Cloud business value enhancer
October 05, 2021

Co-authored by: Aayush Arora

The pandemic has changed the way enterprises think of business today. The industry dynamics are no less than a roller coaster ride, where you must be prepared for every move. In such a scenario, organizations need to be astute, smart, and self-organizing to adapt to adverse market changes. From the adoption of IAAS back in the early days to automation, data extraction, and DevOps pipelines, the enterprise technology culture has moved towards modernized and serverless applications.

HCLTech’s Cloud Smart strategy can help enterprises in every stage of their cloud journey. From the nascent stage (assessment, planning and designing of cloud roadmap) to intermediate (cloud migration) and even for mature customers who are already cloud-native, HCLTech Cloud Smart offers unique value propositions for every kind of customer. 

Cloud Smart

Why modernize with Cloud Smart?

Organizations utilizing full-scale features and services from the public cloud have realized immense benefits and have overcome typical business challenges like:

  1. Go-to-market time – Automated processes, less procurement time, and increased scalability for add-ons have resulted in a faster product launch lifecycle, drastically reducing the go-to-market times. 
  2. Focused innovation and product portfolio enhancement – Platform-as-a-service offerings provide out-of-the-box installations and reduce management overhead for the application teams to help them focus entirely on driving new product launches for end customers.
  3. Operational and performance efficiency – Manual management and maintenance causes deviation in focus on the application front and results in less productivity and lower business value.  
  4. Diverse technology stack capabilities under one roof – Expertise in modern technology services like functions-as-a-service, containerization, IaC, CI/CD, and data analysis is challenging to accumulate under a single umbrella. Therefore, companies find it difficult to reach the end nirvana state of a product or an application.

How Cloud Smart boosts business growth?

Modernize digital core - Cloud strategy

Prognostication by all cloud strategists affirms that modernization and optimum utilization of cloud is the definitive way to efficiently grow a sustainable business. Here, Cloud Smart envisages a growth matrix with many important modernization pillars:

  1. Reform application landscape – Serverless architectures and containerization drive more than 70% of the modern application landscape. Efficient and futuristic utilization of resources is the crux of business scalability and sustainability. Cloud Smart aims to provide the best practices and guidance for going cloud-native and leveraging the full power of the cloud. The application team can attain a significantly faster GTM utilizing the services provided.
  2. Driving Insights from data – Data generated from any application is often stored but seldom used to derive insights such as success patterns, end-user demands, etc. With Cloud Smart, businesses can measure relevant data, conduct fundamental analysis to spot anomalies, analyze correlations and patterns, and put statistics and visualization skills to work.
  3. Automate everything – Reduction of human intervention is the key to move forward with cloud as manual processes are often time-consuming and error-prone. The swiftness of the public cloud and resource availability pushes clients to develop applications driven by automated pipelines. Cloud Smart helps the customers in designing application pipelines and move to an agile way of implementation. Once the workflow is set, it requires minimum overhead.
  4. Bridge the gap between people, process, and technology – An efficacious organizational strategy drives the roadmap to success. Complementing various business processes across different functions makes up for an efficient cloud spend model. With Cloud Smart, technology is the focus, but efficient organizational cloud culture remains a more significant pressing point.
  5. AI Stack – Artificial intelligence algorithms defining future predictions with precision create the backbone of growth and a smart cloud strategy. The next generation of readily available AI algorithms and services from the public cloud will make leveraging the power of data and train automatically easier. Cloud Smart helps the clients reach a maturity level where they can grow exponentially.

Develop Comprehensive Cloud Culture - Determines success of cloud strategy

While we remain too busy defining cloud strategies and taking big steps, several studies show that organizational culture and workforce often slip our minds. The real success of a cloud adoption strategy for any organization largely depends on the cultural change the organization can bring to its people and processes. Enterprises envisage faster cloud migration, but many struggles with cultural challenges.

Cloud Smart’s “Smart Factors” have been designed to mitigate the challenges arising from a cultural shift in an organization. 

  1. Collaboration and upskilling – The workforce must collaborate and partner with various vendors and cloud service providers to upskill or cross skill and acquire a new skill to sustain the change. 
  2. Cloud labs – Smart factors focus on building business-essential use cases rather than pursuing a simplified lift and shift cloud migration. The design principles are tightly coupled with cloud-native services. 
  3. The experience-led approach - Cultural shifts are critical to accelerate the transition and achieve the desired result. User experience transforms interactions with customers, employees, and partners.  
  4. Ecosystems - Partnering with the cloud service providers lays focus on innovation and user experience, evolves processes to shorten time-to-market, and maximizes returns on investments.
  5. FinOps – FinOps combines tools, practices, and processes that facilitate the management and optimization of cloud costs. Additionally, it enables enterprises to scale and innovate to help them deliver new business opportunities and additional business value. The overarching aim of cloud financial management is not only limited to squeezing costs but to meet business objectives without incurring superfluous expenses. 

It is critical that leaders address these challenges while drafting their cloud journey with the help of proven frameworks and strategies such as HCLTech’s Cloud Smart. 

Smart strategy delivered

Along with several new aspects to enhance cloud utilization in an organization, Cloud Smart brings about a cloud culture - a way of thinking, planning, and execution. The cultural transition is often difficult, but with the successful adoption of the HCLTech strategy, the enterprise can get their workforce on the same page and speak the same language. It can be surmised that Cloud Smart lives up to the promises made to its customers.  

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