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How to align & successfully execute Business and IT strategy for Cloud Adoption? Answer is CLOUD SMART
October 08, 2021

The cloud has been one of the most impactful business and IT enablers over the last decade. It has reshaped business and IT strategies across industries. It has not only changed the way IT works, but has forced organizations to radically change their fund management philosophies. The ongoing pandemic has made them shift gears and shrink timelines. These difficult times have made organizations vitalize their cloud strategies to enable their workforces to stay relevant even when working remotely. Many organizations already had their cloud strategies in place, but the pandemic made business leaders expedite cloud adoption and execution. A recent report by Flexera shows a significant increase in cloud adoption and usage due to the pandemic.


Organizations now see their business and IT strategies braid with each other, making the business leaders look for new, competitive offerings, which are based on cutting-edge technologies. They use new technological architectures to delimit their business strategy scopes and broaden their choices. They also understand that the need of the hour is to partner with new ecosystems. This allows their existing offerings to expand and grab the opportunities as they emerge in a volatile environment.

However, finalizing the business strategy does not help unless it is executed successfully. Various surveys have shown that organizations may have confidence in developing their strategies, but still lack the confidence in executing them. It is hence paramount to choose the right cloud consulting partner that not only helps organizations develop their business strategies, but bring in decades of integration experience to succeed in achieving all the objectives of cloud adoption. The following points are not only crucial for organizations to build their business and IT strategies, but also to execute them with confidence:

  • Since business and IT strategies are now more intertwined, it is evident that business leaders must have a broad understanding of the critical technologies to support organizational strategy. Also, IT leaders must develop a business-oriented approach towards strategic objectives. Leaders and executives must help each other to drive the strategies and transformation, thus leading the organizations to address volatile environments with agility and success.
  • As mentioned earlier, choosing a cloud consulting partner is important and engaging the right technology platform and ecosystem is crucial for achieving the objective. Organizations must align themselves with knowledge partners to drive the cloud adoption and transformation journey.
  • Cloud adoption and transformation projects are usually complex in nature and require all stakeholders to collaborate extensively. There are always calculated assumptions made at the beginning of the project and it is evident that few of those assumptions are not completely aligned with end objectives. This will require all stakeholders to catalog the flags raised and mitigate the risks for smooth sailing.
  • With time, developing strategies has become complex. Strategists must take a digital approach as the number of variables keeps increasing. Technology-enabled strategic planning not only helps strategists expand the scope but also evaluate all possibilities to achieve the objective.

HCLTech’s Cloud Smart strategy helps clients realize their true value of cloud investment with the help of:

  • A diverse partner ecosystem: A robust ecosystem helps redefine the existing offerings to not only utilize the emerging technology opportunities but also penetrate new markets and regions.
  • Industry-leading IPs: By leveraging the Mode 3 organic IPs, HCLTech redefines the cloud journey and IT business strategy
  • Enhance client experience: Existing innovation labs and state-of-the-art cloud-native labs enhance client experience by showcasing the preview of their cloud journeys. They also recommend the best practices and offer domain-leading frameworks. This also helps clients decide where to invest across the choices of portfolios and technology platforms.
  • Overhaul the core services: Continue to modernize the core services with next-gen technology, AI-led automation, and continuous improvement.
  • A cloud consulting approach: Bringing the business and IT leaders on common grounds through a cloud-first approach that offers a fine balance between business and IT strategies. It also helps in tracking the execution and monitoring the journey.

Cloud Smart is a simple and smart business strategy to lead clients’ cloud journeys to be more agile, stable, and scalable, making them future-ready and forward-looking.

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