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CES - The show that gives you a glimpse of tomorrow

CES - The show that gives you a glimpse of tomorrow
January 17, 2019

Read about my experience at #CES2019 - The show that gives you a glimpse of tomorrow and is an arena where platform holders are showcasing their inventions that will transform our lives for the better.

As CES 2019 wrapped up, it was a mixed feeling, longing for more as you can never get enough of it. If today, we are on the verge of an exciting technological revolution, then CES 2019 was truly a reflection of this breakthrough innovative thinking. Besides keynotes and thoughts from world leaders, this year’s CES saw a sea of disruptive thinking across various categories ranging from AI/Robotics, Drones, AR/VR to smart cities/homes, self-driving technology, wearables etc. It had something for everyone, spanning across the age groups and interests. It is fascinating to see how thick and fast technology is changing and leading to significant disruption in the existing technology landscape. The growth of CES over the years, both in terms of volume and technological diversity, is a testimonial to this.

While technology showcase is one aspect of CES, there are other significant opportunities that various participants try and fulfill. These aspects range from technology scouting, experimentation, partnership/networking to marketing and selling opportunities. I have been constantly asked what CES holds for HCLTech? This is an interesting aspect, and to understand that one will have to understand the blurring lines between the enterprise and consumer worlds. Whether it is mobility, collaboration, user experience or new technology landscapes like IoT and Digital, these two worlds are increasingly merging with the future leading us to a unified technology landscape. The sheer opportunities of learning from consumer aspects and bringing these aspects to enterprises are immense. Any progressive organization should not hold itself back from getting immersed into these unique opportunities to define and build the future for its clients. Least said, these occasions should be put to best use for keeping the organization on the cutting edge of the technology revolution and, CES is one of the best opportunities to do so.

This year CES saw tremendous breakthrough in innovative technology and unleashed a glimpse of things to come. Here is a snapshot of these exciting developments which would leave you thought stricken about the technological transformation that is happening in the market.

May the technological curiosity within you keep pushing you to breach the next barrier in this race!!

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