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Improving the State of the World
Kalyan Kumar Chief Technology Officer and Head, Ecosystems | January 16, 2017

Visualising My Journey to Davos-Klosters and Association with the World Economic Forum

For corporate executives like me, it’s always enticing to get associated with platforms that focus on the betterment of the world. As I get ready to fly out to Davos-Klosters to attend the 47th World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting, I am excited about navigating the future with leaders and delegates from 71 countries across the globe. They are all connected with a common cause: A cause of improving the state of the world. Before my feet touch the grounds of Davos, I wanted to write this piece, as I try to imagine what brings 1000s of leaders from various parts of the world together, and more.  

A Theme of Responsible & Responsive Leadership: How Would it be Outlined?

It’s not just about those who hold the political power; it’s about the leaders from both the corporate world as well as governments that are visibly committed, or are just silently contributing, to bring sustainable global economic growth. Thus, the theme of the forum ‘Responsible and Responsive Leadership’ interconnects these leaders. The theme indicated an underlying reason for the leaders to listen and act to improve the state of civil. While it’s an interesting theme, I am expecting the leaders to talk about many interconnected social, economic, and political areas that influence our day-to-day life.

Diversity For Sustainable Global Economic Growth: How Would It Work?

Interestingly, the event is going to host young people, social entrepreneurs, NGO leads, and political & corporate leaders. It must be crucial to have such a diverse list of delegates probably because there can be no sustainable growth without public at large. Global economic growth rate stands at 3%, which is a concern not only for organizations such as WEF, but also for public as a major stakeholder. This growth rate is not enough for social inclusion and employment. Thus, it requires greater and wider participation. For example, reimagining the global corporation is critical. We are a global community, interconnected. We win together or lose together. ‘A call for responsive and responsible leadership’ must be a key requirement for diversity amongst delegates. And, I can’t wait to meet these experts and leaders.

Technology Talks for Societal Changes: Can I Imagine It All?

Evidently, the world has become fast-paced, and the technological and political transformations that have societal and economic consequences are going to lead the conversations of the leaders during the forum. One of the key focuses of the event is going to be the topic of breakthrough technologies and innovations that have direct impact on our community—not only at the global level but also the regional level. Artificial Intelligence, self-driven cars, and blockchain technologies are going to have a tremendous impact on society, economy, and the job market. How will these as well as other technologies help in improving the state of the world is what I am interested in hearing about.