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Large Pictures: A New Trend

Large Pictures: A New Trend
June 01, 2015

Large Picture

When you talk about brands, every Tom, Dick and Harry are following the new trends in the marketplace to stand out differently; this includes well established brands too. In fact, not only in Web design, but also in TV commercials and print design, styles are changing quicker than the time it takes for your tea to cool. In the age of a responsive Web, I see that every second website is using large images to convey a pleasant and stunning message, and this goes for mobile apps too. The reason behind using large images is that it has the ability to create splendid and everlasting impressions. The biggest advantage of large pictures is not only that it delivers and creates a decent difference, but conveys a strong and striking message as well.

Blend of Image and Script

As full screen photos and videos enable a grand and enduring user experience, it is important that designers improve large images in the best possible way, so that they are of high quality, and optimized.

In both Web and print, eye-catching photography has power, and being large, offers a pleasing visual experience to the eyes. I’ve read that the brain processes images 60,000 times quicker than analyzing scripts, which is scientifically proven.  Images with typography can make a magnificent and memorable visual design. While using a big picture with word-based graphics, there are chances that you can make your design look spectacular. But, on the other hand, one should make sure that the added items, such as icons, text, and buttons match with the photograph to make the website look more visually appealing. I believe that there is a lot of value in using large images to enhance user experience, and technologies like Parallax and others are gaining popularity because of this.  

Large picture

Scope of Photography

Since the role of images is becoming bigger in UI design, the significance and scope of camerawork is now more extensive. Understanding the possibilities of great camerawork can turn into an important skill when using large photos. As far as user experience is concerned, one effective use of big images for backgrounds would be to cover the entire user interface of the page. For instance, a design for a business website can be enhanced with the picture of a product.

Large picture


Undoubtedly, using large photographs in all mediums has become hugely popular. This trend could be due to the enhancement of Internet connections, which permits large chunks of data to be transmitted in seconds. And thus, even large pictures can be uploaded or downloaded quickly in real-time.


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