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Leveraging HCL Cloud Smart for SAP to Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation Journey
October 06, 2021

There has been a progressive growth in the digitization of global businesses as well as the evolution of the cloud platform. In fact, the cloud has evolved from being just another technology to becoming the very foundation for business innovation. Cloud enables customers to drive business innovation by building differentiated capability and leveraging the power of democratization and helps them transform their consumption of technology. Gartner forecasts that the managed services and cloud infrastructure business shall grow from $422.7 billion in 2019 to $692.4 billion in 2025 – a 10.2% CAGR.

In this backdrop, organizations have adopted a cloud infrastructure first and/or cloud-native infrastructure strategy with the aim to become lean and agile. They realized the need to adopt cloud smartly to build a responsive, scalable, and resilient business. To this, HCLTech has developed CloudSmart to help customers on this business transformation journey to the Cloud.

Framing the framework

CloudSmart for SAP is a full stack offering to accelerate the customer’s transformation journey by leveraging accelerators and innovative solutions from HCLTech, SAP, and our partners. This includes migration to SAP S/4HANA (with RISE with SAP), industry cloud solutions, cloud security, techops, CAS (cloud application services), and AMS (application management services). The key to this transformation is the cloud elements that simplify this journey and build a resilient digital enterprise by modernizing any old applications into cloud native, differentiated applications using the FENIX 2.0 model.

CloudSmart for SAP

Figure 1: CloudSmart for SAP - One Framework, Many Flavors

To provide a tailor-made roadmap to the customer, CloudSmart for SAP comes in many flavors depending on the journey and destination as seen in Figure 1.

Joining hands with SAP to accelerate business transformation

RISE with SAP is SAP SE’s offering for providing Business Transformation-as-a-Service. This includes transformation initiatives focusing on business process intelligence, technical migration, and building an Intelligent Enterprise.

HCLTech’s vision is to accelerate business transformation and maximize business value from cloud in alignment with industry needs, organizational goals, and unique customer conditions. We have 30+ industry cloud solutions, 12,000+ cloud assets including 4000+ automation artifacts, and a dedicated cloud-native factory to provide vertical edge industry solutions on the cloud.

CloudSmart for RISE with SAP brings a unique framework that combines the expertise of HCLTech and SAP in one offering.

Helping the Customers

CloudSmart for RISE with SAP accelerates the Business Transformation Journey to the Cloud and helps customers to:

  • Re-invent customer experience with design thinking for an outcome-oriented cloud design that delivers enhanced customer experience. CloudSmart leverages our solutions and accelerators and uses servitization approach to effectively enhance customer experience
  • Modernize digital core using next-gen technology. CloudSmart for SAP accelerates migration to SAP S/4HANA which forms the backbone of the digital core. Complete modernization is enabled using vertical-edge industry cloud solutions, cloud-native applications, and cloud platform services. These enable moving organizations away from a modular monolithic architecture to a completely micro-services/business-services based architecture
  • Drive continuous innovation by re-imagining capabilities. CloudSmart enables the right-fit innovation with our industry cloud solutions and cloud-native applications combined with our experience, expertise and robust partnerships.
  • Maximize business value by business differentiation. CloudSmart’s strategy enables moving to a micro-services based architecture which increases agility and enables differentiation by enhancing differentiated processes with vertical edge cloud solutions

As the world moves to the next paradigm of digital architectures, the business landscape is projected to become increasingly competitive. Organizations need to develop new technology-driven business models with the necessary flexibility, agility, and scalability to excel and thrive in such an environment. This is where CloudSmart for RISE with SAP helps play a key role by enabling organizations to rapidly modernize their workloads as well as streamline their processes. With CloudSmart for RISE with SAP framework, next-generation enterprises can confidently embark on their business transformation journey on the Cloud as they unlock ever greater business value.

For more information on our CloudSmart for SAP offering, please visit /SAP-ecosystem

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