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Mobile Application Development (Native – Web – Hybrid)

Mobile Application Development (Native – Web – Hybrid)
May 25, 2015

Mobile applications

Mobile applications are the software programs which were initially used to retrieve general information such as contacts, calendars, weather, and music. But the applications soon became popular amongst mobile users, which led to the expansion of such software programs known as Mobile Apps to other categories as well.

Native Applications

Native apps are usually platform specific, which means that only one application is dedicated to one platform (iOS/Android/Windows). Hence, the application development is usually done on a platform specific integrated development environment (IDE):

  • iOS - Objective C, XCode
  • Android - Java, Eclipse
  • Windows - C#/XAML, Visual Studio

Mobile applications

Courtesy: https://developer.salesforce.com


Web Applications

This is in fact the optimized form of a website for mobiles, which uses the device-based (mobile) browser to run the application. Applications can be developed using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript along with any server side technology, such as PHP, Node.js, and ASP.NET.

Hybrid Applications

This is a combination of both the above applications, i.e. Native and Web. This type of application supports cross-platform compatibility. Applications can be developed using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript (where browser is within the application).

These applications are wrapped within a native container, such as PhoneGap and Sencha Touch. These provide the environment to design and code (across platforms) by using HTML. These are stored in an App Store and upon download, can have access to many of the available device features.

Let us do a ‘Comparative’ study in the table below:

Mobile applications


Native, Hybrid, or Web apps, are all ways to fulfill the needs of a mobile user. There is no best solution, as each of them has their own pros and cons. Therefore, a choice between these depends on each company’s/individuals’ unique needs.


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