August 17, 2010


Oracle Coherence cache for a high performance eCommerce Application

People have started using the web for almost all their daily activities. To make people comfortable while shopping online, ecommerce application is one of the fast moving software solutions available. Slow loading web pages in ecommerce applications make people impatient and uncomfortable and performance issues in the application directly lead to revenue loss. Achieving high performance is a challenging task for the ecommerce application.

Caching solutions play a major role in helping the ecommerce application achieve high performance. Plenty of caching solutions are available in the industry based on application requirements. ‘Oracle Coherence’ provides data performance, reliability and scalability in distributed or replicated manner for the caching solution in an application.

The ‘Oracle Coherence’ whitepaper discusses challenges in the ecommerce application and caching solutions. The whitepaper also details how in-memory Data-Grid based on Oracle’s Coherence product can be leveraged to implement a high performing, highly-scalable ecommerce application, while providing basic knowledge for understanding, planning and setting-up coherence Data-Grid.

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Oracle Coherence cache for a high performance eCommerce Application

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