September 10, 2013


The Product Engineering Uncertainty Grid

All technology companies chase three goals to stay close and relevant to their target customers:

1) Sustainable revenue growth
2) Sustainable profit growth
3) Sustainable time-to-market (TTM) improvements

TTM drives #1 and #2, but deserves a separate mention as it is a fundamental objective of engineering companies to bring innovative products to market faster than anyone else!

The macro-economic environment creates more hurdles to the already pothole-ridden road of meeting customer expectations.  Essentially, it means that change is the order of the day! The writing on the wall is clear:  “Re-invent yourself or disappear.”  On this transformation journey, companies typically find themselves somewhere on the spectrum of uncertainty.

  1. What challenges are being faced by the company in meeting its goals?
  2. What are the solution options?
  3. How should the solution be implemented?

The uncertainty grid helps you visualize the complexity, and therefore the risk of the engineering transformation that is needed. Whether it involves implementing a business solution, rediscovering your organization in the context of existing business challenges, or re-aligning your business teams to newer priorities,HCL ERS can be your trusted partner on your transformational journey.

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