March 19, 2014


The profound impact of colors on website users

Color impacts your user on many psychological and physiological levels. The color scheme can have a dramatic impact, which can be either positive or negative. It is a vital element of design that aids in creating ideas, convey messages, invoke feelings, and accentuate areas of interest. Since it affects the mood of viewers, henceforth, visual designers should treat the association of color as seriously as the design of graphics and layout.

Colors also change according to their surroundings. You can see this by looking at the bigger colored circles below - the Pinkish small circle is the same color in all the examples but giving different impact on the viewer’s eyes.

To comprehend whether colors actually play an important role in one’s life, I would like to share my experience in one of my Web-based projects. This project was for one of our Japanese clients, where the target audience of the Web-based application were administrators. The main objective of this project was to sell space on a social cloud to individuals or organizations for various business purposes.

Based on the client’s requirement and exploring the Japanese culture, we presented three different options with three different color combinations. After many rounds of alterations the final design was implemented in the application and went live. At the time of Below is the image of a similar visual design style which I used before User Acceptance Testing.


Choosing right colors for Web-based applications involve more than deciding which colors you like. Your favourite colors are might not be as pleasing when they are used together. Achieving color harmony is a science, and knowing how to arrange colours is an art.

Since it was an Admin portal, colorful and vibrant interface was deviating the concentration. Too many different colours was the problem, so being a Graphic Designer I suggested subtle colours like shades of grey and white, headings or highlights with blue or red. Finally, we got a green flag for different shades of Red, Grey and White. You can see the below example:


Therefore, while coming up with color combinations, one should remember that colors often have different meanings in various cultures. Certain colours tend to invoke a similar reaction from most people - the overall difference being in the shade or tones used. It determines the psychological effect on viewers.

I hope you all agree with me that Color is a powerful weapon. It is the first thing we notice and often is the last thing we remember. The same two projects done in different colours will yield different results. So, we need to give serious thought to color selection.