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Report Card – From the School to the Office

Report Card – From the School to the Office
February 04, 2015

I don’t think any of us would ever forget our childhood days when we used to bring our report cards home from school. The joy, the fear, the excitement, the anxiety, all prevailing until the time the card was opened by Dad. We thought we would never have to go through this again once we finished with school – but, we thought wrong!

As professionals, we continue to present our work and our team’s work to clients in the form of status reports and weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews. In school, we never cared about the structure and the energy involved in preparing a report card, but here at the office as project managers, we design, track, update, deliver and present our reports to clients.

Is this life simpler and easier than our school days?  I think not.

Even though we live in a hi-tech world and speak of automation, we still dwell with MS Excel for our reporting needs. Irrespective of our level, we end up utilizing this application at least once a day. All professionally managed teams need MS Excel experts to help with meticulous reports.

Is there a team within HCL to help with your reporting needs?

Well, here’s introducing HCL BSERV with its reporting professionals who belong to the Reporting Centre of Excellence (RCoE) - a wing of the Business Intelligence and Analytics Group.

RCoE is a horizontal practice that supports more than 40 customers through 150 professionals who are always eager to learn and grow.

Our Reporting and Analytics solution can help enterprises improve their performance and cut down costs by analyzing performance through integrated views of data from multiple sources. Reporting and Analytics tools equip managers with qualitative and quantitative information needed to manage this overflow of data.  From understanding how individuals manage their time, to actionable insights on changing customer needs, analytic solutions save managers the work of collecting and analyzing data from different sources while maintaining consistent performance metrics. With the right reporting and analytic solutions, mangers can derive intelligence from massive amounts of data in order to successfully solve business problems, reduce operational costs and improve overall performance.

customer satisfaction

From increasing customer satisfaction to providing insights, learning, and forecasting, HCL’s Business Intelligence and Analytics wing helps enterprises gain a holistic view of their operations.  Our process to establish the reporting environment and fulfill new reporting requests is fairly simple. The diagram below depicts the flow of the process:

Process Flow

Our products and services

Our products and services

Reporting What and How

Reporting What and How

RCoE customers are happy customers due to the service they receive from us. Make use of these services and experience the change in your projects and processes. We can help you make, maintain and manage your ‘professional report card’!