August 8, 2013


Simplify Enterprise Functions… Be a Transparent Enterprise!

With the clouds of economic uncertainty clearing slowly, the Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics industries are gearing up to meet the challenges and opportunities of a new emerging ecosystem. The rules of the game have been redefined. IT is no longer about supporting business; it is at the forefront of transforming the enterprise and responsible for delivering competitive advantages in a highly commoditized market.

Customer expectations are rapidly changing as business complexities increase. Customer interactions emphasize the need for ‘innovation, agility and visibility’ across the value network. The responsibility of delivering on these expectations lies on IT as well. But are organizations ready to meet these demands and changing expectations? The answer is “No”!  Most Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics companies lack “transparency across the enterprise” to deliver on these customer demands.

Need for “Enterprise Transparency”

“Lack of Transparency” is fast becoming a key challenge driven by a complex value network and a complex IT landscape. Let’s demystify the common myths about the ‘Transparent Enterprise’ before understanding it in detail.

  • Transparency is NOT a complex algorithm with promises of business growth in the distant future - Transparency is simple math with immediate and visible benefits that accrue over time
  • Transparency is NOT about rethinking and redesigning the foundations of your business – Transparency is about reinforcing the foundation with carefully thought out investments in your selected area of proficiency
  • Transparency is NOT about customizing COTS solutions to your operations – Transparency is about leveraging “best-fit” solutions for your business processes

A transparent enterprise is an organization that provides transparency across its value network encompassing suppliers, partners, customers and other stakeholders. It is an enterprise that...

……is agile in responding to challenges and opportunities driven by seamless collaboration and information exchange among trusted partners.

…… provides transparency in all processes across the entire supply chain, optimizing them for driving higher efficiency.

…… delivers differentiated services and unique value to your end customers, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

Role of IT in driving a “Transparent Enterprise”

The responsibility of driving transparency across the value network and within the enterprise lies with IT, which is expected to enable COLLABORATION, provide VISIBILITY and enhance AGILITY for the organization through innovative technology solutions. To accomplish this vision, you will need an outside-in perspective…you will need a partner…

… who shares the same vision and has proven experience in helping industry leaders accomplish this successfully.
… who goes beyond the IT deliverables and helps organizations achieve business KPIs.
… who focuses on solving business problems rather than tickets.
… who remedies the underlying problems to ensure those tickets do not repeat!

If you are looking for a partner with these qualifications, HCL Technologies is your best bet. At HCL, we believe that visibility should mean simplicity for enterprise functions, partners and your end customers.

Our deep understanding of customer needs has helped us enable enterprise transparency for leading Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Logistics organizations around the globe. And we can help you too become a “Transparent Enterprise” that drives tremendous business value.

This blog, led by our industry practitioners, will be a window to our experience, best practices and point of view on key industry issues. Stay tuned to learn how businesses can add more value to their operations, partners and customers… 

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