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Tackle multi-cloud entanglement with the Cross-cloud approach

Tackle multi-cloud entanglement with the Cross-cloud approach
March 14, 2022

Customers are rapidly adopting or considering multi-cloud platforms to accelerate their digital journey. However, navigating a multi-cloud world can have its challenges. The most crucial ones include managing speed, complexity, and control. Developing better software at a faster pace using multiple clouds, without adding to management obligations or introducing new risks has thus become a primary concern for enterprises.

Not to mention, how multi-cloud architectures can be complex to design, expensive to manage, hard to secure, and may not deliver the desired results. Hence, moving workloads to the cloud platform can solve the challenges posed by siloed on-premise architectures, but can also lead to super fragmentation. Without efficient multi-cloud management, these architectures can lead to fragmented security, outrageous bills, and workload duplications that eventually slow down business workflows.

One recommended solution is to have a cross-cloud approach. This will lead to flexibility, choice, and control in multi-cloud adoption & management. By enabling businesses to leap towards their digital business goals and accelerating the delivery of modern apps while streamlining multi-cloud operations and preserving enterprise control. 

An ideal orchestration should include:

This will provide any business across any vertical with three key advantages: an accelerated journey to multi-cloud, cost efficiency in the cloud(s), and control across any cloud.

  • Single universal platform for building and deploying all categories of apps
  • Management for apps across independent cloud platforms consistently and with 360° visibility
  • Zero-trust architecture built for scale
  • Security that spans across multi-cloud to connect, better secure all apps with automated enforcement
  • Automatic compliance with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and other data regulations
  • Auto-detection of sensitive data, standard classification, and tagging across multiple cloud data platforms
  • A digital workspace to empower the distributed workforce along with edge solutions to deploy and manage edge-native apps
  • Cluster lifecycle management

This will provide any business across any vertical with three key advantages: an accelerated journey to multi-cloud, cost efficiency in the cloud(s), and control across any cloud.

VMware cross-cloud Services

During the VMworld 2021 event, VMware asserted the growing prominence of multi-cloud in the IT industry, reporting that 75% of its customers use two or more public clouds, with 40% using three or more.

VMware's vision is to support customers eliminate the complex choices and roadblocks by giving them a powerful combination of choice and control in their multi-cloud environments.

Thus, the launch of VMware cross-cloud services, defined as a set of integrated services is aimed to help organizations create, run, and better secure apps across any cloud to deliver the fastest and smartest path to the cloud.

Offered as SaaS solutions, VMware’s cross-cloud services allow organizations to immediately gain access to new capabilities, without the costs or increased responsibilities of deploying new physical infrastructure.

HCLTech VelocITy framework to help navigate the multi-cloud maze

The HCLTech VelocITy framework enables and ensures end-to-end service delivery of multi-cloud solutions by taking into consideration people, processes, and infrastructure, as well as fully validated reference architecture and blueprints required to design, deploy, and manage multi-cloud platforms. Backed by a robust VMware partnership and vast pool of industry experts, HCLTech CoE has a dedicated team of R&D engineers focused on developing innovative technology solutions in virtualization designs aligned with customers’ business goals and multi-cloud journeys.

Finally, a single scalable management orchestration for clusters located in data centers, multiple clouds, or edge locations can solve most of the challenges of multi-cloud management. It can enable full-stack visibility with single-click secure access to logs and container shell, integrated monitoring, alerts, and notifications for rapid troubleshooting. Ideally, it should be an orchestration to analyze and manage lifecycles, vulnerabilities, and data breaches irrespective of the destination.

Leverage HCLTech’s expertise, ranging from strategy and assessment, modernization, migration, and multi-cloud management services along with a strong ecosystem, to scale and mature digitally with best practices, and to underpin various business functions for your multi-cloud journey. To learn more, please visit our page: https://www.hcltech.com/it-infrastructure-management-services/hybrid-cloud-services/velocity



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