October 15, 2014


Is total visibility of shipments possible in the logistics industry?

Most global logistics organizations today have typically outgrown the trend of acquiring smaller local companies and are instead depending on a host of disparate systems for their daily operations. But as the scale of their business rapidly increases, the need to address issues around data integrity, visibility, and real time information gathering becomes even more critical.

The Key Challenges

The lack of real time information is a major issue, hindering an effective decision- making process and resulting in low customer satisfaction levels. This leads to more difficulties, such as:

  • A lack of real time visibility in to shipments
  • An inability to meet customer commitments on time, leading  to poor customer satisfaction
  • The absence of accurate, reliable and real-time operational metrics
  • A lack of standardized processes; working in silos
  • No single source of truth, making it difficult to get the right information at the right time

HCL’s Solution

HCL's Global Visibility Platform (GVP) enables logistics service providers gain the visibility they need into their routine freight management operations. The solution provides automated track-and-trace processes, real-time alerts and notifications, workflow management, and preconfigured visibility KPIs.

The GVP’s primary objective is to enable these providers and their customers to gain freight visibility in the shipment lifecycle across multiple systems around the globe. This brings greater efficiency in the routine aspects of freight management, through:

  • Process automation
  • The elimination of multiple/redundant runs to gather information
  • Data capture in a composite repository
  • Integration center for all sources of information
  • Efficient workflow management
  • Enhanced reporting capability
  • Effective decision making in shipment bottlenecks
  • Reduced turn-around time and better quality of information

The GVP is an integrated solution with the following functions/modules:

Business Benefits

Some of the key benefits companies can derive out of HCL’s solution are:

Customers today are more demanding, the cost of logistics operations becoming more expensive, and federal mandates increasing day by day, making it imperative for logistics service providers to quickly gain better control through platforms such as HCL’s GVP.  The absence of a single source of truth hinders effective decision making and necessitates more resources to do the job. But often, information sharing across these resources becomes difficult - thus the need to integrate partners and newly acquired companies, and consolidate disparate systems to get integrated visibility.

Investing in an integrated visibility platform such as HCL’s GVP can help logistics service providers gain factual shipment information on time, irrespective of the systems through which such information runs across the globe.

HCL has implemented this platform for one of the largest global 3PL companies based in Europe.