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Video Publishing – Should You Invest In It

Video Publishing – Should You Invest In It
September 05, 2016

Digital publishing, comprises a plethora of online platforms, through which the end user can directly consume interactive and engaging content.

Therefore, from an enterprise point of view, digital publishing could serve as a vibrant and lucrative avenue for attracting and retaining consumers.

The year 2015 ushered in a new era in digital publishing, thanks to the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution Beta program, the acquisition of Recode by Vox Media, and Facebook’s Instant Articles platform.

Consequently, 2016 is slated to be a promising year for the industry.

The Rise of Short Format Videos

Currently, organizations want to effectively utilize digital publishing, and are laying focus on varied and novel formats—especially photo and video content. Research suggests that by 2017, video content will drive nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic.

Customers are used to consuming content on their mobile devices and respond better to visual stimuli. Given this tendency and increasingly diminishing attention spans, short-form videos could be a dynamic strategy for this industry. If utilized optimally, the format could offer variety as well as enhanced engagement, while generating better revenues.

Further, advertisers have finally woken up to the true potential of social video applications. Consequently, social networks are progressively encouraging brands to include authentic and relevant video content in their marketing profile.

“Ad spending on original digital video has increased by more than double - 114% to be exact - since 2014. That kind of growth is something that publishers can’t ignore,” says Anna Bager, SVP and General Manager of mobile and video, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Increasing Views

Integrating videos in websites is now a crucial element in the mix - as viewers will return in anticipation of fresh and quality content - and shouldn’t be disappointed. However, video production is expensive and in order to use allocated revenues effectively, publishers should look to formulate a blend of in-house and licensed video content.

Additionally, interesting and relevant scripting, proper editing, and timely production would help keep viewers involved, and facilitate relevant web traffic. Companies should focus on three significant areas:

  1. Building a robust technology infrastructure
  2. Leveraging data analytics
  3. Generating a substantial number of videos

The Way Ahead

Clearly, this is a medium with endless opportunities and eventually digital video publishing will venture into the realms of Virtual Reality. This would add a whole new dimension to experiential storytelling.

With an ever-increasing consumer base, the publishing industry must venture towards newer territories, deploying smarter platforms, propelling a comprehensive digital transformation.

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