March 31, 2016


Why DevOps is Important for Banks? - I

The term 'DevOps' was originally coined by Patrick Debois and Andrew Shafer in 2008. It entered common usage in 2009 in the Velocity Conference community with the famous '10+ Deploys Per Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr' presentation, given by John Allspaw and Paul Hammond.


DevOps is applicable and relevant to any organization that must increase flow of planned work through development, while maintaining quality, reliability, and security for the customer. The competitive advantage created by this capability is huge, enabling faster time-to-market, increased customer satisfaction, market share, improved productivity, and happiness.

In 2009, 10 deploys per day was considered fast. Now that is considered merely average. In 2012, Amazon went on record stating that they were doing 23,000 deploys per day on an average. DevOps has greatly benefitted from the work done by the Agile community, showing how small teams, operating with high trust combined with small batch sizes and smaller, more frequent software releases, can dramatically increase productivity of development organizations.

The DevOps approach challenges the established product-development norms in most IT organizations. Historically, banks have separated their infrastructure (Ops) from their application-development (Dev) organizations and have kept the 'change' staff away from the 'run' staff. A DevOps approach requires banks to tear down these organizational silos, thereby marking a significant change in IT management strategy. Additionally, CIOs adopting DevOps organizational models may need to reconsider how technology partners are integrated into their software-delivery processes.

To begin with, banks should identify those parts of the organization where the use of DevOps would make most sense. They should focus on those parts of the business where speed is at a premium, and where there is a significant opportunity for the company to differentiate its customer experience from the competition. While addressing the technology architecture and infrastructure required for enabling DevOps, banks should consider making changes to multiple operations, processes, and governance structures in the IT organization and within the business.

Please refer Part 2 to understand more about DevOps approach