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Why settle for one when you can have both: Security and great user experience for the modern workplace

August 05, 2022
Nikhil Singh


General Manager - DWP Product Group
Kapil Kumar Singh


Solutions Architect, GSI at Citrix
August 05, 2022


Chalk and cheese, or cookies and cream? Security and employee experience are both important for organizations today, but is it possible to have them both? Or are we destined to favor one over the other? 

Security and great user experience for the modern workplace.

The hybrid way of working has provided tremendous benefits to businesses and opened doors to improve the employee experience. It has impacted how employees see their work location, access devices, and utilize applications to get the job done.

With these inevitable changes however, security threats have increased manifold. As a result, CISOs are looking to refine and re-strategize their security posture to keep bad actors under the radar.


At times, in the pursuit to improving security posture, enterprises often overlook employee experience. But there is a way to balance security and user experience together, especially in a hybrid workplace.

HCLTech’ LibreSpace with Citrix offers a secure and seamless experience for workforce to access their workplace anytime, anywhere, and on any device. In situations where too many authentications and authorizations hamper your user’s experience, this offering ensures that security is paramount while delivering an elevated digital workplace user experience.

Evolving security well-being for virtual and non-virtual environments

HCLTech’ Digital Workplace solution, powered by Citrix, helps organizations transform into a secure digital workplace. The focus is on moving to a “Built-in” from a “Bolt-On” security solution, by creating a platform security approach instead of multiple disparate tool implementations.

The shift in the way employees approach work has led to an impact on security due to a shift in these primary areas:

  • Network Users who traditionally used secure access like VPN to connect are now logging in from any network
  • Location No longer bound to organization premises
  • Device Logging in from a BYOD device
  • Applications Modernizing of apps and increased number of web-based apps

PwC cites, “One click on a suspicious link. A company computer connected to public Wi-Fi without a VPN. These small employee missteps can expose organizations to huge cyber risks.”

With these modern demands, there is a need to revisit earlier datacenter-centric castle-and-moat type security architecture where trust was implicit. This system needs a security approach that is not in the way of work but adapts security leavers to provide an invisible safety net.

With this solution, application access is contextualized based on network, location, device, and the role in which users are logging on. If any parameters are deemed insecure, the digital workplace security posture tightens, and more thorough checks are made.

The intelligence within the solution is coupled with the deep integration of actionable analytics and forensics. The solution also protects from open internet threats; with the rise of malware and similar modern-day attacks, it is essential to safeguard the environment while global points of presence (PoPs) ensure consistent security compliance from wherever users access services.

Citrix Workspace Security capabilities like Identity protection, ZTNA, malware protection, and integration with forensics are also included within the solution and the wider capabilities. This makes it a compelling solution for a large spectrum of use cases in both virtual and non-virtual environments.

Final word

Using powerful features of Citrix for virtual and non-virtual environments, HCLTech’ LibreSpace ensures a completely secure lifecycle right from implementation to ongoing monitoring and proactively discovering and fixing any upcoming risk before it can cause any damage. HCLTech and Citrix are paving the way for a highly secure workplace of the future while delivering on the promise of excellent employee experience.


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