What is Smart Asset Operation using SAP Leonardo IoT Application Enablement Framework?


In the digital world, assets large and small are becoming Smart. To drive benefit from these Smart Assets requires new business models, new business processes and new systems. Built upon SAP Leonardo and SAP Hybris technology, our solution provides the core functionality to manage Smart Assets as they provide real-time feedback on their operating performance, location, and status. This in turn enables new business models such as Product as a Service, Predictive Maintenance or Automated Replenishment and Upsell. Inventory and audit checks become automated as the location and operational status of all assets is continually provided. Our geo-fencing functionality can prevent hazardous situations and can also help to eliminate theft and fraudulent use. With SAP building blocks the solution can easily integrate into existing SAP landscapes and complement existing business processes.


The Benefits:

  • Live monitoring
  • Usage-based billing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • New revenue models – product to service
  • Additional revenue streams – spares and wares
  • Asset geo-mapping – tracking; usage patterns; geo-fence
  • Audit – theft/unauthorized use